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Cleaning up transcripts
Hello everyone, I have a friend who sent this to me and I wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations. Thank you in advance "I have many marketing stories/lessons from lots of stuff and things ... the best way so far I've found to get the text to where I can use it is ... I record my voice/video on Zoom and get the transcript and usually put into ChatGPT4, unfortunately it can't handle any longer transcripts and I want to remove the time stamps and speaker names to then use for my research and writing copy. I've tried notes, google docs, dragon naturally and Zoom has the only way so far to get my voice recorded and get a transcript in one fell swoop. I haven't yet figured out how to get it clean without time and name. Ideally I'd open zoom, tell a story, and have some AI take all my words, audio and clean it up for me ... thoughts anyone?"
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Lost all my Chat history after the latest devday
It seems I have lost all my chat history from before the new development. I had a paid account before the upgrade, but now I cannot access any of the chats from before. Has this happened to anyone else?
New comment Nov '23
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@Bruce Bayley thank you, I cleared my cache and it came back :) I have started backing up for sure!
First GPT - Feelings Wheel Coach (feedback requested - need paid gpt account to access)
This is my first GPT (new feature rolled out by OpenAi --> I created An Online Social & Emotional Support Coach. It was created to assist individuals in navigating their emotions. This virtual guide uses a tool known as the Feelings Wheel to facilitate a deeper understanding of one's emotional state through interactive questioning. It offers support in identifying complex feelings, proposes coping mechanisms, and provides guidance on communicating emotions effectively. While the Feelings Wheel Coach serves as a helpful resource for emotional exploration, it is important to note that it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. In cases of a mental health crisis, individuals are urged to contact a healthcare professional immediately. I would love some feedback and how I can improve it. Link: *Need to have a plus account to use it.
New comment Nov '23
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Hey @Nasser Jones I just tried it out, wow it gave me some really good advice :) I'm not really one to talk about my feelings but it seems like a safe space :) Loved it!
I Used AI to Understand Star Wars ⭐🧔⚔️
Just for fun I built an AI Chatbot that's an expert in Star Wars and all it's hundreds of Characters, Vehicles and Species! 🎥 Watch the Video: AI ChatBot Becomes Star Wars Jedi Master ⚔️ I think Star Wars should ad my bot to their site 🤩 PS: Imagine the use cases for this in your own business.....🤔
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Hi @Jason West I did a training to a Real Estate School and they were very interested in the chatbots when I showed them mine. Their idea was to have a chatbot in each course that could show students where to find particular information say on a certain form they need to fill in or a certain piece of legislation. Could they do this? Also could your chatbot integrate with their calendar so students could check their schedules?
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@Jason West what would be the best next steps? I will follow up with them and if they are keen would you meet with them? Im not sure Im confident to advise on the more comprehensive chatbots
Hey @Jason West just wanted to say thank you for the offer of a free bot for my website. I followed your training from a while back and it was so easy and I have a very lovely bot on my site with the ability to capture leads. Thank you!
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@Julie Helmer thanks so much, I just signed up :)
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@Julie Helmer i did and it was super easy which is what made me think it would be of interest to my clients. Thanks so much again!!
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