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You are going to fix shadows, right? Overall free photography tip - have the largest source of light above and in front of the object your are taking the photo of. Doesn't need to be straight ahead, anywhere within 90 degree angle is fine.
Should I post this
I cooked all of this
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I have a theory that 'man who cooks' is only valuable in countries with scarcity of food. In Western World food is abundant so cooking skills are irrelevant, unless you are Gordon Ramsay cool. If you want to deploy your cooking skills for attraction, best thing you can do is cook her a kickass breakfast the morning after.
Black t-shirt overrated?
I’ve done a bit of thinking about this lately.. In my opinion the black t-shirt is a safe choice but not an optimal choice. the best dressed guys I know usually wear a combination of at least two colors that compliment each other and accessorize with watch/necklace/sunglasses. There is a science to dressing nicely, and I’ve previously recommended the “one dapper street” YouTube channel ( as a place to get fashion/style inspiration. when meeting up with MOA guys in my area, I’ve been disappointed with how some of them were dressing. It’s important to get this right, people will judge and perceive you differently based on how you dress.
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To add to great points above: there are professions where wearing black is a practical uniform. One of them is videography/camerawork. Since you are jumping around with the camera chasing best angles, last thing you want to do is to distract the objects you are filming. Wearing black helps with this as you blend with the shadows much better. It's probably also a reason for a lot of podcasters to wear black as the focus should be on the verbal substance and not the looks. I do both of these things so YMMV.
How to grow your social following - Actionable Advice here
Gents, I stumbled on this article (linked below) over the weekend. Solid advice for how to grow your following. TL:DR - The "secret" to social media growth: getting content in front of people, especially those with larger audiences. - Key principles for social media growth include writing persuasive content, getting eyes on your content, iterating on ideas with data, and creating depth and span for your best ideas. - Traffic mechanisms to get your writing shared include replies, quote posts, reposts, and manual DMs. - You can control your growth by transitioning from short-form to long-form content and using curation, quotes, and remixing. - Paid growth can be considered, but it should involve working with larger accounts that align with your content. - Collaborate with other creators in masterminds to build a tribe and grow together. - The author emphasizes that growth on social media is a long-term game that requires consistent effort and relationship building. If anyone wants to collab (2nd last point) reach out. I am Toronto based but rarely here (will be in Curaçao next week and Colombia shortly after) Let's connect. Enjoy!
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One more point worth mentioning - following count is not as important as exposure. To exemplify, out of each 10k views for your content on IG, only 10% come from your followers (YMMV). For youtube this number is even lower. To capitalize on this numerous strategies can be deployed, including collabs with larger accounts. Finally, consistency and volume trumps content quality. Pearl talks a lot about this in her interviews (I think Sartain had her on his podcast). In other words, you have to post often and a lot, because you are competing against creators whose full time job is content production.
Doing events for money
@Michael Sartain when you said events should not be done for money, what specifically did you mean? It's virtually impossible to throw a large event (starting at 100 people audience) with 0 budget. I am not talking about private photoshoots where interests of donors are aligned and you operate through value arbitrage. I am talking about events where you would need to hire bouncers and security, pay bartenders and other hourly staff. Now, this budget can come from the organizer, from alcohol sales, ticket sales etc - isn't that doing events for money? Additionally I do not see anything wrong with finding a sponsor who is willing to spend money on such event and has a good reason to do so. Isn't it a win win for everyone? Thanks.
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Understood, thanks.
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