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Type Of Events
Someone mentioned there are 5 type of events. What are those? Listed anywhere?
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@Will C is like a very formal social party, that are typically a celebration event or auction.
venting out a wingman
this hasn't been discussed. Enough on the internet I was hoping I would find some answers here but what would y'all guys do if you and your friend like the same girl? what would you guys do if he shot his shot with her? and I may ask this question on the next MOA free Monday call.
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@Gabe Saenz , I will have to agree with @Ty Buchanan, In this scenario, I would say go for it and shoot your shot with her.
A couple of tips for approach anxiety
The most common tip that circulates around this topic is to 'approach' it like any other fear. This of course requires you confront it. Now that is most certainly true but there are a couple of ways to take it on slowly and progressively, without jumping blindly and fearfully into the deep-end. 1. If you consider yourself a shy person or very afraid to approach women in real-life (for now), the first tip would be to use a live chat app like Monkey or Chatroulette (there are many more), and chat to a bunch of women. Since it's online, it removes considerable fear of facing the woman in real-life. Another benefit is that you can talk to a lot of women (quantity is key). Con is: as much as this is a useful tool to start off, of course its not the same as approaching women in real-life, but is a good start to get rid of that initial anxiety. 2. Approaching women in real-life but with 0 intention to close, get a number, instagram or any other intent of courtship (this is important). It could be as simple as asking for directions to the nearest train station, or asking them for a nearby restaurant suggestion. It could be anything. What you'll start to notice is that your brain will begin to program itself overtime since your'e removing the sexual intent, you will feel more relaxed and easy going within each encounter. The more woman you approach like this the easier it will get. And slowly but surely you can progressively start tweaking the questions/conversations until eventually you start implementing your game. For disclosure, im not a PUA or an expert of any sort, my game still requires a lot of work. But I just thought i'd share some tips that have worked for me. I know approach anxiety can be tough so hoping this can help someone even if on a small scale.
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What I found best to over come approach anxiety is to learn how to Latin dance. Salsa or bachata. You’ll learn an attractive skillset along with it.
Is it advantageous to invite physically attractive men to our events?
Eg. Mansion Party. Hypothetically, these men offer nothing besides looking good at the events.
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if you’re gonna invite men, I imagine you would do so not for their looks. I would say it’s an advantage, for them, in your case, though, you are more or less benefiting from what they can provide, ie networking value, skill-set that you may find of value etc.
Do you guy's know where i can hire a good photographer for photoshoot and he has some what knowledge for posing . Any website or app ??
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@Ty Buchanan gold like always.
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