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🎙 Anyone Need a Guest for Their Podcast to Talk Content?
Hey Guys, I'd love to jump on your podcast to talk content creation, production, distribution, etc. If you have a slot and are interested in having me, I'd love to talk 🙏 Drop a comment below or feel free to DM me.
New comment Apr 7
🎙 Anyone Need a Guest for Their Podcast to Talk Content?
1 like • Nov '23
I would love to set up an interview with you! (It's YouTube)
0 likes • Nov '23
@Stephen G. Pope Sent you a PM. :D
Automate & Scale Content Distribution (100+ posts/week)
Just added this video to explain the workflow behind our content recording + repurposing workflow. I'm curious to know what other help people need outside of just the automation (for other free videos or potential paid offers) so I'd love your feedback on extra help you may need. Hope you had a great holiday 🦃 (or week if you're outside the US). Let me know your thoughts, questions or feedback in the comments!
New comment Dec '23
Automate & Scale Content Distribution (100+ posts/week)
4 likes • Nov '23
Excellent video! Your organizational skills are so amazing!
Using ChatGPT to Create Platform Specific Hashtags + Tag Content
This is something I've wanted to do for awhile. Using video transcripts to automatically tag all my content so I can search/find content and repurpose later. I also wanted a way to create platform specific hashtags on autopilot 🚀 There is a TON of power in this one, hope you enjoy, would love your feedback. Here is a link to the video →
New comment Mar 4
Using ChatGPT to Create Platform Specific Hashtags + Tag Content
2 likes • Oct '23
This is GOLD~! Thank you. I will want to get your spreadsheet. I'm not ready to move on this just yet, but (since you are so organized -please put me on the "wants it in December list!" :D
Your Most Valuable Asset:
Value Creators, Every click, every notification, every "urgent" email is fighting for your most valuable asset: Your attention. In this fast paced world, it is not about time management anymore. It’s about guarding your focus in times of massive distractions. Every distraction you give in to costs you time, energy and momentum. Nowadays, I believe it's easier than ever to outperform your competition Because most entrepreneurs are so easily seduced by cheap dopamine. They can't discern the noise from the signal. But elite performers understand this – Our attention is finite. We only have a few “attention units” per day. Every time you get distracted at work, you waste 1 attention unit. And if your attention is your most valuable asset, then you want to treat it accordingly. So, how are you guarding your attention? PS: If you found this post valuable, let me know in the comments.
New comment Oct '23
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I hyper focus - for me that works to my advantage. (Sometimes) The laundry is calling and IDGAF
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@Hamzah Salim Both a blessing and a curse lol - I need a 4 week notice before I can entertain visitors!!
New member.
Hey everyone I'm new here! Anyone please tell me can i learn about graphic Designing here? And you get certificate at the end or not?
New comment Oct '23
4 likes • Oct '23
I use Canva. - If you specifically want to learn graphic design then search it on YouTube - there is so much valuable content out there!
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