Your Most Valuable Asset:

Value Creators,

Every click, every notification, every "urgent" email is fighting for your most valuable asset:

Your attention.

In this fast paced world, it is not about time management anymore.

It’s about guarding your focus in times of massive distractions.

Every distraction you give in to costs you time, energy and momentum.

Nowadays, I believe it's easier than ever to outperform your competition

Because most entrepreneurs are so easily seduced by cheap dopamine.

They can't discern the noise from the signal.

But elite performers understand this –

Our attention is finite.

We only have a few “attention units” per day.

Every time you get distracted at work, you waste 1 attention unit.

And if your attention is your most valuable asset, then you want to treat it accordingly.

So, how are you guarding your attention?


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