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New New New!!
The team has been working on amazing new features that are already available! New features live: · "Start with the text": Create a Twitvid from custom text instead of a real tweet. · "Start with audio": Create an animated twit-vid from a short voiceover or a song snippet using automatic speech detection. · Your tweet is preloaded with AI-suggested footage per default. · New "Audio" video-creation step: 1. Upload background music. 2. Create text-to-speech voiceover from the tweet text (with animated text). 3. Select previously uploaded audio files. ··· Go check them out by yourself and share them with the community your new creations :)
Adrian Barra
Alexandro Lacadena Gómez
Designz Media
Diogo Castro
Abey Pulicken
New comment Aug 21
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Great to see a business that listens to its customers, keep up the good work!
Roadmap - short term & long term
Daniel, one of the founders here! You’ve probably noticed a new skin on our product; we’ve also improved our product’s speed and user experience. We find it important to keep you in the loop hence my sharing our roadmap. Please don’t hold back telling us the features you want. Our team has shipped many new features (as you can tell by the latest update) and will ALWAYS put our community needs first.
Alexandro Lacadena Gómez
Alex S. Elliot
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Daniel Dalen
Muhammad Alfin
New comment Aug 16
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Love the direction Twit-Vid is headed! Question see video:
Rendering issue
It always me to do all the steps but when I finish making the video and it takes me to the library its very hit or miss with the rendering. Currently its not letting me do it at all but im sure if I wait till tomorrow it may finally go through. Basically it's unusable though when its like this. It cant complete the one job its supposed to do which is make the video 😂
Mikhail Andreev
Jaidev Green
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Lee Busch
New comment Jul 20
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@Jaidev Green I too have experienced similar rendering issues, in my case I think it was the usage of too many characters for the (custom text) input. Even though the software will attempt to render whatever you throw at it, if it's over a certain amount of characters you will eventually get the red cycle arrows "try again" but it will only give you the same outcome. If you keep your custom text around the standard length of a tweet, it generally renders 98% of the time. Hope this helps.
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Oh also pretty sure the same applies to custom footage, if it's a huge file it will most likely have rendering issues.
Just a Suggestion
I really like the software, the new updates are great! I admire the work & transparency that Daniel and team puts in... "been checking out his youtube channel" When it comes to Appsumo, not sure how much longer you guys plan to be there or similar marketplaces. Either way, I would suggest being more active on answering questions there before negative reviews begin to add up. I'm in it for the long haul and want to see Twit-Vid continue to grow and be successful.
Hamza Haroon
New comment Jun 18
Video length
When using the optimized length tab & text-to-speech for my videos I've noticed that some are cut short by a few seconds. Is there a specific amount of text/characters that we should use for text-to-speech? Suggest allowing more control over the video length.
Alexandro Lacadena Gómez
New comment Jun 10
Deletes Please
Love the option to now delete videos from the library! Request a delete option under "See Stock Footage" for when we upload a picture or video that's no longer needed. Also a delete option is needed under the "Create text-to-speech voiceover." It's appreciated that it automatically saves, however after a while it becomes cluttered with voiceovers that we no longer want or will use again.
Daniel Dalen
New comment Jun 7
A warm welcome!
First of all, I want to welcome you to the TwitVid community. This is a place for customer support, education, and networking. As a member of this community, we will keep you updated on the following:\ - New features we release - People who are using our product - Tactics to help you grow your audience - Insights and behind-the-scenes details on how we build TwitVid - Job opportunities - Classroom: FAQs, TwitVid 101 & Growth Tactics - Community: Network with other creators using TwitVid - Calendar: Online & offline events we are hosting
Fernanda Diaz
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Thanks, happy to be onboard!
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