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How To Turn Your Marketing Agency into a Money Making Machine
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🚨Follow Community Rules: Avoid Being Banned
🙋🏻‍♂️ Hey there, incredible community members! As we've watched our community grow, I've noticed a bit of a trend that's been creeping up on us – WAY too much self-promotion. So, here are a few ground rules to make sure everyone gets the most out of this fantastic community we've built together. ❌ No Selling Zone: Keep the community forum and DMs clear of direct selling. Anyone sending DM's to members pitching their services will be banned immediately (if you see this happening shoot me a screenshot). ❌ No Self-Promotion: I know, I know, your content is probably earth-shattering, and we'd all be better off seeing it. But let's keep our posts focused on adding value and sparking discussions. ❌ Lead Magnets? Let's Not: Giving away freebies? Fantastic! Just make sure it's a straight-up direct link or download right there in your post. No optin pages, no "message me to get it". Remember, these rules aren't about putting up walls; they're about building bridges. We're here to support each other, learn from one another, and create a space that's as enriching as it is enjoyable. So, let's keep the vibes positive and the community thriving. Adam
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Weekend Motivation (and actionable agency growth advice)
Hey my friend, Adam here. I posted this in the private Agency Accelerator program group but wanted to share it with you here as well in the hopes that it helps! It's from an author I quite like (Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby) who has a lot of contrarian views on life, business, money, happiness, etc. Many of which I agree with. Anyway I wanted to share the following with you, as a way of reframing things that happen (a very Stoicism based idea). It's a helpful exercise, and while the way the following questions are presented are relatively new, this is an exercise I've used for years (i.e. trying to look at things from a different angle, with a different perspective, telling a different story, etc) to morph what's happening to my benefit. Take what serves you, discard the rest. But if you're feeling like you're stuck and not getting where you want as fast as you want then pay special attention to the questions below under the heading "When stuck" -Adam ---- When something goes wrong - What’s great about this? - How can I use this to my advantage? - Does this change the goal, or the path, or nothing? - How can I reduce the downsides? When changing direction - When I was at my happiest, what was I doing? - What have I strongly wanted for the longest time? - What’s the opposite of what I usually do? - Which of my old beliefs are not serving me? - Forget me. What would be most helpful for others? When stuck - What is my one top priority now? - How can I begin without waiting for anything? - What advice would I love to hear from an all-knowing sage? - What am I doing that’s actually a distraction? - Instead of avoiding mistakes, how can I make more to learn faster? - Who can help? To make peace with what’s out of your control - What happens if I ignore it and do nothing? - Should I learn a lesson from this, or just move on? - How can I blame no one, and see this as nobody’s fault? - How can I be OK no matter what happens?
The Easiest Way To Build A $10,000/Month Passive Income Agency
I'm a pretty normal average dude. I live in a pretty small town. I'm married with 4 kids (and a dog... who thinks he's a "people") And I drive a mini-van (...though I did just get a free Tesla... more on that in just a minute). BUT... (brace yourself for what is hopefully the least douchey statement possible given the circumstances)... I still found a way to make millions a year. Mostly passively. Which affords me the luxury of financial, location, and time freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and with who (whom?) I want. And you can do it too. Because I started with nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. (...I didn't even know what marketing was!) But decided that success was something I wanted. And there were 2 big things that helped transform my financial life forever. The first was the decision to start a marketing agency of my very own (Which if you're serious too, then this is a great place for you to be: The second was finding a marketing software that would allow me to get consistent and predictable results for me, my agency, my clients, and any business that I worked with (I use and HIGHLY recommend this: And here's a video that will give you a few more details on how to actually build a $10K/month passive income generating agency of your very own: Talk soon, Adam
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Need help - Question
Basically: I run an SMMA - I previously was doing just buyers agents, but recently have also included mortgage brokers (reasoning - if your buying a house you NEED a mortgage broker/lender) Agency profile: Started Jan 2024 Currently 4 clients My model? Comission Based (20% of closed deal) 1.5K startup fee Period 3-4 Months So far, with my recent pivot to mortgage brokers In 2-3 weeks, ihave been able to generate 11leads (all answering a 7+ question quiz, eg - what's your income, what's your target price for home, etc) I have also been booking these leads into the broker's calendar. ***BUT*** After speaking witht the broker, he said that on these appointments, these leads have not been the highest quality - NOT BECAUSE THEY DIDNT WANT A LOAN - But because they wouldnt be able to qualify, eg - income too low, alreay in debt etc. NOW my question is.... DO i now pivot into the normal smma business model, where i gurantee X ammount of appointments in X Days? even in lead qualiy isnt the best? Initially my goal was to start with commission, get as many companies under my belt - and then when I can guarantee a certain amount of leads, I can then pivot into a normal smma business model (not commission) - BUT - this means if the lead quality isn't great - I will just have a 3-4 month churn rate
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