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I really like the software, the new updates are great! I admire the work & transparency that Daniel and team puts in... "been checking out his youtube channel" When it comes to Appsumo, not sure how much longer you guys plan to be there or similar marketplaces. Either way, I would suggest being more active on answering questions there before negative reviews begin to add up. I'm in it for the long haul and want to see Twit-Vid continue to grow and be successful.
Hamza Haroon
New comment Jun 18
Video length
When using the optimized length tab & text-to-speech for my videos I've noticed that some are cut short by a few seconds. Is there a specific amount of text/characters that we should use for text-to-speech? Suggest allowing more control over the video length.
Alexandro Lacadena Gómez
New comment Jun 10
Noticeable Decrease in Video Rendering Speed on Website
I've noticed that the video rendering on the website has been experiencing delays and is taking longer than usual recently.
Truong Nguyen
Asad Ullah
Hamza Haroon
Mikhail Andreev
New comment Jun 8
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