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New New New!!
The team has been working on amazing new features that are already available! New features live: · "Start with the text": Create a Twitvid from custom text instead of a real tweet. · "Start with audio": Create an animated twit-vid from a short voiceover or a song snippet using automatic speech detection. · Your tweet is preloaded with AI-suggested footage per default. · New "Audio" video-creation step: 1. Upload background music. 2. Create text-to-speech voiceover from the tweet text (with animated text). 3. Select previously uploaded audio files. ··· Go check them out by yourself and share them with the community your new creations :)
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Roadmap - short term & long term
Daniel, one of the founders here! You’ve probably noticed a new skin on our product; we’ve also improved our product’s speed and user experience. We find it important to keep you in the loop hence my sharing our roadmap. Please don’t hold back telling us the features you want. Our team has shipped many new features (as you can tell by the latest update) and will ALWAYS put our community needs first.
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Twitvid Software Update
Hey everyone! First, thanks for your patience over the past month. As you might've heard from other Twitter-related products, Twitter has enforced some outrageous limits on its API. Like endpoints that were unrestricted and free, are now restricted to 10 calls/hour for plans that cost multiple thousand dollars a month. It took a bit to adjust but we now have a long-term solution which will last for the foreseeable future. Regarding rendering issues: videos are complex media and there are edge cases where you can still get failing renders. In those cases, try different footage, processing your footage with something like a MP4 Converter, or just restarting a render. Thanks for reading and reporting!
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New website looking 🔥🔥
Now the website matches the latest update of the app and the rebranding! And this is just the beginning, the idea is to build with the community the app to make TwitVid the best tool for creators to expand your personal brand across platforms. Here are all the ways you can participate: 📹 How I use Twit-vid 🗣️ User Feedback 🪲 Bug report 💡 Feature requests We will 📣 Announce releases, publish workshops, create courses, and of course, the community members will be the first to know about the latest features and our roadmap!
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