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New Tweets not Showing
My news Tweets are not showing after 1st July
New comment Sep '23
Is anyone having a browser issue, app doesn't launch with FF or Chrome, so I have to use MS Edge to use the App. Or is there something I am doing wrong?
New comment Aug '23
Rendering issue
It always me to do all the steps but when I finish making the video and it takes me to the library its very hit or miss with the rendering. Currently its not letting me do it at all but im sure if I wait till tomorrow it may finally go through. Basically it's unusable though when its like this. It cant complete the one job its supposed to do which is make the video 😂
New comment Jul '23
Profile Image Not Visible 50% of the Time
Hey guys Love the product, but half of the time its unusable as my Twitter profile pic doesn't appear on the rendered video. Any way to fix this?
New comment Jul '23
Problem!! Need Solution
I created an account using email and password but later linked it with Google. However, I am currently unable to log in using my password and would prefer to log in with my email and password as it is more convenient for me. Is there a solution to this issue?
New comment May '23
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