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Hey everyone. I wanted to recommend for anyone who wants score- based feedback about their photos. While not perfect, the score can provide a decent benchmark for a good professional or social photo. Note:It’s hit or miss for dating profile feedback. “Nice guy” photos do well(see below),even if that doesn’t necessarily translate to the apps.The dating section is useful for seeing which photos you have that are bad.
Gilean Benton
Samuel Stevenson
Lawrence P
John Rogalsky
Nick Smith
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@Eli Hollingsworth Yeah.LinkedIn photos aren’t good dating profile pics.
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@Maxime Cote better
Getting laid on tinder ? Is it possible?
Since i am on tinder never have i got a girl that i got to be friend or fuck. Anyone has any sistem on how to make tinder work ?
Del Dee
Eli Hollingsworth
Ty Buchanan
Zachery Moy
Jeff Crabtree
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@Eli Hollingsworth it does.Especially in non big cities.
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@Eli Hollingsworth Different cities are okay for different types.
What's your opinion ?
Which of these 2 photos do you like best ? And what can I do to make them even better ? Thanks for your help
Facundo Winat
Henri Kerr
Dyl The Killsmith
Stephen Anderson
Del Dee
New comment May 3
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Big fan of 1
My 1st attempt to explain evolutionary psychology
Had a really interesting interaction with coworkers. We had a casual conversation about dating apps and I just brought up a fact I learned from Michael how a small amount of men get the most attention. And then later I briefly explained how human nature and evolution still affects how men and women perceive each other today. For example how women are initially judged on their physical traits more than men. For some reason I got bad vibes from people and they disagreed lol. Even though I didn't think I was sharing a theory or opinion, just scientific knowledge. They said it's 'modern society that molds our perception and gender roles'. Did I screw up? Or did I discover that I work with some liberal close-minded snow flakes? 😂 Thanks guys
Ty Buchanan
Brett Quigley
Gilean Benton
Eli Hollingsworth
David Ballesteros
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@Brett Quigley It’s not a liberal thing though. You think that Ben Shapiro agrees with evolutionary psychology? Hell no!
Partner up for Content..NYC/Philly/Baltimore/DC
Looking for someone to partner up for photos in each city. Split taking the shots for each insta and local location help. I have a Sony A6600, , DJI Mini, and other basic but quality equipment to handle it. I’m located in Allentown, PA for work so wanting to drive to each city for content
Andrew Red
Johnny Faren
Ari Bailor
Mason Brown
Samuel Moore
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@Kyle Mullaney What part of Florida?
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@Hrithik Sangani Hey man.I grew up there.What’s up?
Most underrated and overrated destinations?
Based on your travels I'm curious to hear what you think the most underrated and overrated destinations are (country or city)? Criteria: your own personal bias. Some of mine: Overrated: Maldives Hawaii Miami Egypt Bali Seattle Peru Portugal Greece Underrated: Jordan Romania DC/Virginia Vegas (I said it) Dubai (somewhat) Panama Netherlands
Steve Estro
Eli Hollingsworth
Del Dee
Marc Hudson
Guilherme Damiani
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Charlotte,NC is slept on big time
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@Eli Hollingsworth Yeah.Asheville,Boone,Hendersonville are gorgeous.Like a southern Vermont.
First episode of my podcast - need feedback
So guys it is finally here. This is the first episode of LXPodcast, the podcast that I started with MOA principles and goals in mind. Many, many mistakes were made during the recording of this episode. We don't actually know what we're doing but we have to start from somewhere so here you have it. It is unlisted so only you guys have access to it as of now. I would really appreciate if you could give me your honest feedback. Here is the link:
Alessandro Quercetti
Graco Signorini
Usama Riaz
Steve Estro
Del Dee
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Great setup. I like how there aren’t pauses.
"Why would I have ever female friends??? 🤔"
I've been a member of MOA since the program began and a coach in the program since last summer. I came in to the program with female friends but a lot of them were girls who had put me in the friend zone. I kept a bunch of them around in the hopes I would get "lucky" as opposed to the incredible benefits they could create for my social life and network. Benefits of having female friends include: - Introduce you to their friends - Send you invites to cool parties/events that you wouldn't have heard of otherwise - Get you into VIP areas without paying - Calibrate you as a man around other women you may or may not be interested in - Give you advice in terms of fashion, etc. - Introduce you to high status men - Bring in sponsors to events - Create massive preselection for women you're interested in and men to want to meet you - Help raise money for charity - Bring some fun, exciting energy around you and your environment - Etc, etc, etc. Women are soldiers for your networking army; plain and simple. I'm out recruiting for my army all the time. That being said, why wouldn't you always add more? You can leverage all of them at the same time using IG. Yes, there are different levels of friendship and it takes time to build deeper/stronger relationships. You can't force relationships. I brought 200+ girls to the last two parties I produced in LA. Here's my IG page. Make female friends, gentlemen. It'll make your life so much easier.
Del Dee
Anthony DiRico
Toyin Bello
Eli Hollingsworth
Will C
New comment Apr 28
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Love this story because it debunks the red pill nonsense about hating women-especially attractive ones.
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@Ben Siegfried Yea,I’m referring to some of its followers.Not the coaches themselves.
Spring Shopping Reccomendations
Does anyone have recommendations for quality jean shorts? Making a list of places to shop while I'm in the city this weekend. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, here is a link: Appreciate any brand/recommendations 👌🏾
Eli Hollingsworth
Del Dee
Mason Brown
Nate Taylor
New comment Apr 26
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Hey! Anyone here from Atlanta? I'm doing my master's in cs at Georgia Tech and learning photography. It would be fun to click pictures for each other at instagrammable locations in atlanta
Del Dee
Raymond A
Billy Kumar
Will C
Thomas Seabolt
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@Israel Chukwu
Dope Interview
Usama Riaz
Steven Harris
Del Dee
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@Steven Harris 1.Logistics 2.Disney propaganda
Free Tool to Fix Your Fucking Instagram
What's up fellas, I put together a tool in Notion to help everyone fix their fucking Instagrams. I shot a loom going over: - How to use this tool - How to get it into your notion account Here's the link to the tool: Here's the link to the tutorial: If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, and I'll get to them ASAP. By the way, the spots in the database are a collection of my favorite locations from combing through all the IGs in the list. Hopefully, this saves everyone some time. -Alex Kerr
Henri Kerr
Alex Kerr
Steven Harris
Michael Cambianica
Brett Quigley
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Great vid
Astrology debate?
Does anyone know when Michael is debating the astrology guy?
Grant Kim
New comment Apr 13
Work for MOA
Anyone here know if MOA is hiring? Would be willing to do some sales or coaching to add value to the brand and incoming clients. I’ve got 6 years of sales experience and I was the 2nd person to ever join the program
Del Dee
Justin Lubert
Ty Buchanan
New comment Apr 12
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They hire, but preference is given to men who’ve completed the program,per Sartain.
HUGE Content Drop Inside!
The wait is over… Some of you have been asking for this for a very long time. Well, now it’s here. We have officially launched the High Staus Vault, which houses EVERY free training call Michael has ever done. Most of which was completely lost until now. There’s nearly two years’ worth of content here, and we will continue to update it. In addition, we will periodically add more valuable content to it that will ONLY be available to this group (the first planned expansion we have is incredibly exciting). To access it, you only have to reach level 4 here in the Forum. To level up, you need to get likes on your comments or posts, which means you have to create engaging content. So make posts and respond to people’s questions! HINT: The more valuable the content is, the more likes you will get. So think hard about what to post. Oh, and by the way, we are giving out a secret bonus to the first five people who reach level 4 🏆
Corey Reedy
Freddy J.
Steven Harris
Anthony Fernandez
Sebastian Lex
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Coming in clutch.
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I’d think that looking up the most expensive restaurant or club and finding who tagged themselves would be a good strategy.
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