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Has anyone done a DR for a real estate investing/wholesaling business?
Curious to see if anyone has done this and have a good success story or good framework that worked for them
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@Nir Shaba using hl for DR/Uphex model
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@Ron Gibson any specific questions? My niche is Real estate
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this is gonna be sweeett
The VSL we used to scale from 0 - $2.1 million in 22 months 🔥
Ya'll did it! Here is the link to watch the case study video we ran VERY SUCCESSFULLY for 2+ years straight in our ads funnel?! - It's got 7+ figures of conversion $$$ behind it - It's simple enough that you could recreate it for your agency in less than a day. - It's the exact VSL video we used when we scaled from 0 - $2.1 million + in a matter of 22 months. Enjoy!
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ooo this is the sauce lets go
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@Steve Baker this is what I was doing with his example, now going to recreate for my Niche, give it a try
Group Name Change
Fam, As we progress down this journey with you all, High Level has continued to honor its promise of increasing the development and velocity of features being released. I have it on good authority they are well on their way to a billion dollar valuation. Shaun and the other founders have asked me to be a brand ambassador. As such, i’m committed to serving y’all long term to continue your success on the platform. For those reasons, I’ve decided to update the name of this group to something beyond just DR. 😎 We’ll be expanding the range of strategies we cover moving forward, so i’ve gone ahead and updated our free group name to “GoHighLevel Users”. Let’s grow this community together so we all benefit from our collective feedback- it’s my opinion it’s the people that make all the difference in biz… I honestly think the HL community is far and away the best group I’ve seen in my 20 years of internet marketing! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate. Robb + team ❤️
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congrats @Robb Bailey ! lets keep it going!!
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