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How YouTube Recommendation Algorithm Works
The YouTube algorithm works for homepage recommendations by considering three key factors: - personalization - performance - satisfaction. 1. Personalization: This facet involves analyzing a user's viewing habits, especially the channels they are subscribed to. For instance, if a person watches an Alex Harmozi video, the algorithm identifies other videos that have been watched by viewers of Alex Harmozi. YouTube then ranks these related videos and generates a list of potentially interesting content for the viewer. 2. Performance: YouTube collects real-time data on how a video is performing. It tracks whether the viewer regularly watches content from a particular channel and observes how similar users react to the video. This includes metrics such as: - Did the viewer click on the video? - How long did they watch it? - Did they like or dislike it? - Did they click "not interested"? - Did they scroll past it? 3. Satisfaction: Not all watch time is equal in value. To evaluate satisfaction, YouTube conducts surveys and feedback mechanisms. This helps gauge how enjoyable and satisfying a video is to the viewer. All of these elements work together to determine which video is presented to a user on their homepage. The algorithm's goal is to provide a personalized and enjoyable experience by suggesting videos that align with the viewer's interests and preferences. I got this info from YouTube employee "TODD" who works in the YouTube recommendations system and I hope this will help you to understand YouTube better
Brandon-Stone Gordon
Datta Nishith
Robert Thibodeau
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@Brandon-Stone Gordon here is the playlist you can learn everything here I hope this helps you
A Simple Video Structure top Youtubers Use
I spent couple days analyzing top educational creators and found a fundamental video structure they use that keeps us hooked throughout the video. This structure is composed of four essential parts: - Intro: 1. Present a relatable problem. 2. Explain how this video can benefit the viewer. - Act 1: Problem 1. Dive into an explanation of the problem. 2. Share how this problem personally affected the creator. - Act 2: Solution 1. Discover the solution. 2. Explain the solution using a clear and concise list format: - Solution 1 - Solution 2 - Solution 3 - Solution 4 - Act 3: Conclusion 1. Bring it all together in the conclusion. 2. Highlight how these solutions transformed the creator's life or resolved the problem. i hope this was helpful
Stephen G. Pope
Demetrius Freeman
Andreas Hasel
Ricardo Renderos
Graham Waite
New comment Aug 31
How to edit a YouTube video in an efficient way
Step 1 - Pacing - Removeing boring/blank section and Removeing mistake Step 2 - Cuts/Effects - Adding cuts like jump cuts, J cut, L cut etc - Adding effects like zoom in or zoom out to emphasize the important topics Step 3 - B-roll/Graphic - Add B-roll and graphics to give more context to the viewers Step - 4 - music / sound design
Armando Negrete
Sep Vej
Datta Nishith
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@Armando Negrete thank you brother
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@Sep Vej thank you
Which video editing tool for social media content and why?
Which video editing tool for social media content (short form content, Youtube) do you prefer, and most importantly why?
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Luca van Straalen
Jacob Zangel
Stephen G. Pope
Datta Nishith
Rob Ruscher
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@Jacob Zangel yes but i also used after effects in few parts
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@Jacob Zangel 😅
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