A Simple Video Structure top Youtubers Use

I spent couple days analyzing top educational creators and found a fundamental video structure they use that keeps us hooked throughout the video. This structure is composed of four essential parts:

- Intro:

1. Present a relatable problem.

2. Explain how this video can benefit the viewer.

- Act 1: Problem

1. Dive into an explanation of the problem.

2. Share how this problem personally affected the creator.

- Act 2: Solution

1. Discover the solution.

2. Explain the solution using a clear and concise list format:

- Solution 1

- Solution 2

- Solution 3

- Solution 4

- Act 3: Conclusion

1. Bring it all together in the conclusion.

2. Highlight how these solutions transformed the creator's life or resolved the problem.

i hope this was helpful


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