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๐Ÿ’ฅThe SEO Power of! 600% Traffic Growth Through Google! Skool Hacks and Skool Features = Awesome ๐Ÿ’ฅ
I started my group 'AI Powered SEO' to share all the latest in the world of SEO + AI, especially since it's a big part of my work helping clients rank their website in Google (through endless updates by the way lol) I was recently testing SEO optimization in my Skool posts remembering that @Sam Ovens built Skool with SEO in mind. Awesome news to report from my tests - Just check out the screenshots below! The SEMRush 3 month growth report shows 600% organic traffic growth, along with top 10 keyword rankings on page one. Th second is Ahrefs for those who prefer that. Some posts have comments and engagement, some are really well optimized using my Surfer SEO optimization custom training + guide (which you can find for free inside the group) and the results are amazing given how early these test results are. With a high domain authority, fantastic overall SEO metrics and Google loving the domain, you can literally have your very own high powered site ranking in Google for tons of keywords almost immediately. Skool really does have it all! Growth in group members has also grown with 145 members and I'm admitting at least on person almost every day. I'm excited to see how much more I can do and what some of my other test results reveal. I'll post any updates in this thread and keep everyone posted. Moral of the story = 1.) POST 2.) OPTIMIZE 3.) RANK 4.) GET FREE TRAFFIC There's literally nothing stopping you from ranking today. Especially if you know how to optimize posts for SEO. If you don't - join the free group! There's no reason we can't win and grow our communities! I'm ranking for keywords that are tough around the recent Google update and even for software's that I share in my training! Amazing stuff! Hope this helps provide some additional data driven perspective on the SEO power of while showcasing a hack you can implement today for free organic traffic.
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Cool, great result long as the group is set to public :)
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@Louis Lakatos humm interesting
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New feature: Facebook pixel tracking
Imagine running Facebook and Instagram ads directly to your group with perfect conversion tracking. Imagine if you could retarget people who visit your groups about page. Now you can... Introducing the "Meta pixel tracking" plugin โ€”ย track page views, membership requests, and purchases. Everything you need to grow your free or paid group with ads. But does the Skool about page actually convert? @Evelyn Weiss has been running FB/IG ads to a well optimized ClickFunnels landing page for years. She tested the same ads to her Skool about page in a true A/B test โ€”ย her Skool about page beat her custom funnel. (and we haven't even optimized it yet). Need help connecting your Meta pixel? Watch this tutorial video for instructions. Enjoy ๐ŸŽ‰
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Boom! Now we are talking, great work!
How To Make $10,000/mo With Skool (Free Guide)
(Yes, that's a goat) (Hint: watch 1.5x speed) In this video I share strategies on how to get to $10,000/mo with Skool, specifically I share: - Real-life examples of people earning $10,000 a month with Skool communities. - The $10,000/mo model (traffic > skool > potential for additional income with high-ticket offers) - The Math behind the $10,000/mo model - The Master Game Plan (research > offer > build > launch > operate) - Optimization and Improvement (offer > community > about page > sales page > operations > life) I also give away these puppies for free: - VSL Framework (Normally Sells for $100) - Skool Sales Funnel Template (Normally Sells for $500) Get 'em while they're FREE! Let me know if you watched and what (if anything) you learned from it.
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I like goats
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@Nathan Field I was being funny cause I am at goat level here.
Free (or paid) group to one click upsell
It does require the new feature (someone already requested it) that allows us to sell more courses inside Skool without necessarily selling different communities. This is the scenario I'm picturing: - I have a free community (it could be a paid membership) - I also create a paid course (or more than one) inside Skool - When my members go to "Classroom" they see the course is locked - If they click to learn more, the first video is unlocked and it's basically a VSL to explain them what the course is about - There's a button below to purchase the course with one click (when the billing is available, Skool will have payment details already, so we can easily create a one click upsell) Plus, if buyers in the community start talking about the course, FOMO will kick in for the other members and hopefully drive more sales. Everything inside Skool. What do you guys think?
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@Travis Peters you are welcome ...yes it is coming soon
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@Rebecca Anne Maclean hi not sure best to email support
How does your Myers-Briggs personality type impact your income?
Under your Skool settings, you can enter your myers-briggs personality type, I am an INTJ. How about you? Below is a link to a study that looks at the correlation between personality and income. The researchers surveyed a sample of over 72,000 individuals, and the results are interesting, check it out - Thoughts?
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@Rebecca Claxton cool
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@Angelika Vetter true
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