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Email to SMS w/ Zapier
I want to receive text notifications every time I get an email from a particular sender. Can I use Zapier to link an SMS service and Gmail to accomplish this? If so, what SMS vendor would you suggest?
Julie Helmer
New comment Sep 22
Zoom & Webinar Software Replacement - Save 💰💰💰
I've just uploaded a new YouTube video where I explore an amazing webinar and meeting software that's a fantastic alternative to Zoom, WebinarJam, Demio, and more. 🚀 This software is not only affordable but also offers a LIFETIME deal! Yes, you heard that right, a lifetime deal! 😱 It's reliable, efficient, and has some fantastic AI FEATURES that I know you'll appreciate. 💡 I've been so impressed with it that I'm upgrading my own account to a higher tier. And the best part? It's starts from only $49 for a lifetime! 👀 No more thousand-dollar yearly subscriptions. 🎉 I've given a detailed review and tour of this software in the video. So, if you're ready to upgrade your webinars and meetings, check out the video. Trust me, you don't want to miss this! 🎥 Here's the link to watch: Cheers Jason #WebinarSoftware #ZoomAlternative #Productivity #AI
Vito Santoro
Jason West
Angela Kostelyk
Danilo Sirias
Marc David
New comment Aug 25
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    Thanks Jason! Do you know if you can embed a chatbot onto the landing page for demo purposes?
Jumped Into Chatbase & I've Already Got Orders 🤑
Has anyone else taken the leap yet and having success? It gives you so many options. I beta tested it on a physician's website that I built who is a client and he is going crazy over it! I found a few ways to enhance the GPT training experience and have thought of a few more concepts to test. I am using this as a foot-in-the-door system to upsell other packages.
Daniel Sjöstedt
Jason West
Jodie Clarke
Nathan Haws
Julie Helmer
New comment Jul 26
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    Congrats Breyon! Is your client using your system for internal or external purposes?
ChatGPT safeguards so you don't lose your data
If you use ChatGPT daily, I would highly recommend you export your history and data. See link here:
Steven Suchar
Breyon Bradford
Carrie Sullivan
Cornel Rigby
Julie Helmer
New comment Jul 12
Chatbase Sharing Removed?
I noticed the Share Chatbot option is no longer on the dashboard. Is anyone aware of another option to email links? Simply copying link and emailing sends the entire dashboard, which I do not want if sending to a potential client.
Julie Helmer
Jason West
Cornel Rigby
New comment Jul 3
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    Thank you for shedding more light on this topic!
New Member!
Greetings, ChatGPT community! I'm a new member here, eager to embark on the AI journey. Starting a chatbot business is my goal, and I'm eager to gain expertise in this niche. I'm excited to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn from your experiences, and contribute to our collective knowledge!
Steven Suchar
Isaac Ezie
Robbie McFarlane
New comment Jun 28
@Jason West I just passed my test but am wondering if there is a way for me to know if I got any wrong and if so, which questions so I can make sure I focus on those areas for better understanding. The course was great and I left you a brilliant review! Thanks for putting this amazing course together!
Jason West
Julie Helmer
Cornel Rigby
New comment Jun 22
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    Congrats Julie! I passed my test as well yesterday.
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