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We are a new company and I've been working on getting our website to rank on Google. I went ahead and ordered the local citation package from Fatjoe. I also picked up a guest post package from SEO builder. (Both vendors were recommended in one of the videos.) Does anyone have any other guidance on ways to generate more backlinks? Thanks!
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Incredible stuff Link! Both of those will be a great start for you! To get more back links, I recommend creating blog posts for businesses in your area and offering to do guest posts locally. You can even offer to right both articles for info on your business and theirs and obviously link back to each other's businesses in the articles. When you are looking for locally relevant backlinks, the type of business you work with isn't crucial, but the more traffic they have, the better. Here are some ideas to get you started. 1. landscapers 2. lawn care 3. pressure washing 4. local chamber of commerce 5. lifestyle sites/blogs in your area 6. media companies in your area (they may charge) and there are many more! I hope this helps!
Rankings dropped suddenly
Hi everyone! I have a website for a local business which I have created and indexed not so long ago. Looking at Google search console I have seen that the rankings on the website have dropped significantly. Is this normal for a new website? The website is and the keyword difficulty is very low. Any suggestions? I did delete a page from the website a couple of days ago, could this be the cause?
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Rankings dropped suddenly
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Hey Joseph, I would say there is not enough data to jump to any conclusions. It could be the deleted page, or it could just be just be a weird week. If the problem still exists in a week and doesn't bounce back, let's check it out!
hello world
Hello everyone. I'm Teddy. I'm in Alaska and I am a property manager who is excited to learn more. Thanks for the invite Clay!
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Welcome in Teddy! Keep crushing it!
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Hello! Welcome to the Local SEO Secrets Community! The goal of this community is to help local business owners rank better on Google and finally making the money that you deserve! If you haven't already watch the video to learn about this community and how to get the most out of it! If you are new to Skool (this platform) take a look around it's like facebook groups on steroids without all the distractions. Step 1: Introduce yourself by commenting below. 1. Tell us about your business 2. Tell us what you are currently doing for marketing, and how it is going? See you in the comments!
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Start Here ๐Ÿš€
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@Christopher Towers Good stuff Christopher! Looking forward to having you in the group!
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@Joseph Gough eventually it will get indexed, but I would go to Google Search console and request it!
Moving the Free Coaching Calls to 4pm CST
You asked and we listened! After people asked to move the coaching calls to later in the day that is exactly what we are doing! Now the calls will be at: 5 pm EST 4 pm CST 3 pm MST 2 pm PST p.s. if you haven't, add the calls to your calendar as a reminder here. p.p.s. if you haven't already please welcome Review Harvest's newest team member @King Anota ! He is already crushing it! He will be helping with customer support and onboarding!
Moving the Free Coaching Calls to 4pm CST
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