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Building E-Mail List with Skool ?
Hey, how are you building your Email List ? Is it even necessary to create one if using Skool ? I think it would be great if i can get the Emai so i can use itl for active kampagne
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Emails is the only thing you will ever own. So build your email data base inside Skool but also in all your other social media platforms with a simple VSL opt in
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@Juan cruz Diaz I wouldn’t have a profitable business if I didn’t have emails Most of my sales come through emails It amazes me how many people neglect the email nurturing
New Feature: One-Time Course Purchases!
This may have unlocked the easiest way for beginners to start making money. You start with a free community. You use it as a lead magnet, making it easier to get your first few members. You build relationships with every member through community, DMs, and calls. You use the free community to become better at your skill. You're positioned as an authority, because you're the creator of the community. You speak to the people in the community, to figure out their problems/goals. Then when the time is right you monetize by charging people one-time. You can use it to unlock a course. Or you can sell a done-for-you service or 1 on 1 coaching which may be easier to sell if you're just getting started. This feature is now released. Check your classroom, it's there. Skool 🚀
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New Feature: One-Time Course Purchases!
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Can you use this features for people to purchase workshops also @Andrew Kirby ?
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@Jenna Ostrye oohhh music to my ears 👂❤️🙏🏼
Emails and Analytics
Hey folks, Is there a way I can see who opens the emails or is this something that is on the cards? I just feel they kind of go into the abyss and never can tell who is reading them. And is there a consideration to be able to send emails at least every second day? As a creator I write emails every day because 70% of my sales come through emails and I think this is one of the most important features especially if you are trying to move members to your free community to different tiers of your paid community. Everyone is too busy hopping from one free community to another and even if I was going to give away a free value bomb , no-one will necessarily see it, but if I send them an email about it, they start to pay notice. Love to hear your opinion Thanks Claudia x
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Cold DM's
I'm part of a few Facebook groups full of my ideal clients. I can't self promote in these groups due to their rules. I was considering reaching out and DM'ing each person individually. Can someone share what a cold DM might look like? I'm trying to say hello and promote my community without being a total put off. I can see this truly just being a numbers game. There are people that could benefit from my community, I just need to let them know about it. Any ideas, suggestions on how to format the DM?
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I had a client teaching reversing type 2 diabetes and this is what we did. Your profile that indicates exactly what it is that you do and funnel them to your offer. Friend requested everyone in a facebook group that she believed she could help. DM them with a thank you for accepting my friend request and offered them a free lead magnet after a chat Write content that would get people raise their hand and then sent a short loom video with exactly what it is that you help them with and captured their email addresses so she could retarget them with emails Did workshops and sold tickets for her workshop and sold the back end offer The rest is history.
The Journey So Far....
I slack off sometimes and I am not always proactive I know, I also don't always chase my freedom number as I should (100km). It was a long weekend for me here in Sydney this week, had some friends over for dinner on Saturday. On Sunday I watched a movie with my family “Mothers Instinct” with Jessica Chastain (love her) and Anne Hathaway. On Monday I got lazy and just read a bit. I didn’t send my usual daily email. The world didn’t stop, in fact, I signed up 3 new clients yesterday. Something about me that some people might find intriguing. I don’t have daily routines, I don’t meditate, I don’t do the infrared saunas, I don’t take ice baths, I think you might have to pay me to do that crazy thing, I don’t go to the gym and I don’t raise my frequency, whatever that means….I still don’t know what on earth masculine energy or feminine energy has to do with how you make money online and it’s not in my vocabulary either. I just show up and help people with what I know - make them money. I wake up every morning when my eyes open, I haven’t used an alarm since the day I ditched my 9-5 job. I have my morning coffee I take a walk around the hood with my pooch and then I sit in front of my desktop. Now on my computer are my goals for the day which I set up each Sunday. So I already know what I need to do. I work 3hrs a day 3 days a week, after that my brain goes into a matrix and produces anything but good common sense. So here is something I know for sure: Two things actually, since I joined Skool. 1) The final 6-figure High Ticket June Spot was taken this morning. Sonia took it the moment I announced it. She was in my $ 100-a-month community for a few months and thought it was time to level up. 2) I realized I was doing better than I thought. 14 people in my $100 a week community = 5.6k m in Skool 23 people in my $100 a month community = 2.3k m in Skool 20 people in my $250 a-week community = 20k m in Slack 5 people in my $400 a week community = 8k m in Slack
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@Sam Morrison Wilson my absolute pleasure
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