Following the "2:1 Rule"
If there's one piece of advice that'll transform your cold email copy overnight...
It's the "2:1 Rule".
The rule is simple:
Speak about the prospect TWICE as much as you speak about yourself.
Here's an example:
"We can help YOU boost YOUR email sales by 25% with Plain-Text Emails."
2 "you" to 1 "we".
This isn't a make-or-break kind of rule...
If your ratio is 5 "you" to 3 "we", that's fine.
But it's a great rule of thumb.
I'll see people open their cold emails speaking ONLY about themselves...
"We're an award winning marketing agency with 10 years of experience and our 3-step growth process is world-renowned.
"3 "we" to ZERO "you".
No good.
"You can boost your sales by 55% with our renowned Growth Process.
"2 "you" to 1 "our"...
Much better.
Unless you're Gary Vee or Russell Brunson, no one cares about who you are or what you've accomplished...
They care about what you can do for THEM.
Go implement this rule when you write your cold email copy, and watch how much better it performs!
Christian Bonnier
Following the "2:1 Rule"
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