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Sep 23 
The 31 Key Elements to EVERY Successful Coaching/Membership Business
What's the difference between a rich contentpreneur and a poor contentpreneur? A rich contentpreneur can answer 31 highly specific questions about the key elements (see attached image below) of their business that a poor contentpreneur cannot. Poor contentprenurs continue to struggle while rich contentpreneurs continue to make money because rich contentpreneuers have the answers that poor contentpreneurs do not. Which type of contentpreneur do you want to be? Rich, or poor? If you can successfully answer all 31 questions, you're set for life financially and will most likely make millions (if that's your goal). But if you can't answer all 31... You'll forever be struggling to make money. When you have all 31 answers to all 31 questions, making money becomes nearly effortless... So now... Do you want to see how many of the 31 questions you know the answers to? I'm going to host a live (3-4 hour) class that goes through all 31 questions with you. I've talked about this here 3 weeks ago, but now I'm ready to go LIVE!! When? Saturday, September 30th, 8am PST, 11am EST. Where? On ZOOM. Comment below with the word ZOOM if you want the link. See you soon!! Ted Carr P.S. Please vote in the poll below and tell me what you're struggling with the most right now so I can help solve your issue!
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Hey I'm Tellie (as in the first part of Teletubbies, but no relation🤥)
I'm from South Africa 🦁, but I live in New Zealand 🐑. My biggest strength is analysis and my biggest weakness is paralysis-by-analysis (took me 30 mins to write this post). I'm the owner of Profit on Point and the creator of Cash Flow Masters - we're in the finance niche. My favourite content platform is Youtube (although I feel like I should say Linkedin). I need immediate help with growing an audience. As a introverted bean counter, this does not come naturally.
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I am a chartered accountant who quit 6-figure CFO employment roles to build my very own wildly profitable business -- and help others do the same ❤

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