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A fitting song for holiday giving
A fitting song for holiday giving
Duality and ACIM
As a teacher of God (and we're all God's teachers) how do you explain or otherwise work around observed phenomena that the course says don't exist and aren't real, without also referencing or implying a duality? For example, the ACIM concepts of real and unreal are themselves a duality applied as a teaching and communication tool. Teacher and student are also Course terms that exist as polarities. Is duality the forbidden fruit of ACIM or is it just a symbollic (conceptual) framework and useful communication tool?
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@Dennis Goodrich I'm curious about your statement "like I’ve heard from multiple people here that nothing is wrong with the world or people in it and it’s all god…. The course states this is a place that starved and thirsty people come to die!" The interpretation of Jesus' words here that resonate in me is the following: the statement "this is a place that starved and thirty people come to die" is a metaphorical "place" or better said "state of mind" referring to the Belief in Separation (the lower case 'w' "world"). Not the actual place Earth and our Existence in this lifetime. The "Illusion" is our confusion about who We Are. How does that land for you?
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@Dennis Goodrich we are taught that the "world" with a lower case 'w' is the "illusion of separation" from God. I AM, always, the eternal "I", God, incarnate as it's Son on Earth. Technically, the world/earth is temporary, therefore not "Real", in ACIM terms. But my experience of the World/Earth is Real, IF I see the Earth & what happens here with the Vision of Christ. As God's Creation perfectly unfolding at all times. Aaron explains it well at this point in his video posted tonight: @Jason Deardorff check out this video, perfectly nails our conversation from this morning.
Any LTC Year 1 Program students here?
Wondering if this would be safe place for healing deep trauma or if I should have a higher level of healing before joining ? I still get flashbacks & still in a lot of pain and know I need help but still getting heavily triggered by ACIM concepts because my ex justified horrific abuse using these ACIM concepts ….. It’s a catch 22 because I actually resonate with the core underlying message of forgiveness, everything either being love or a cry for love , seeing the soul/spirit of a person not seeing myself or others as a body. But at the same time very overwhelmed by the complexity of the language & heady/intellectual concepts Talking about concepts make me feel further away from love and the truth of what’s in my heart So I’m scared to join and was wondering if anyone here has been in the group and thinks it would be a safe place for people like myself recovering from trauma ? ?? I’m not looking to have my delusions or false beliefs fed, but I’m also not looking to be expected to be at a level or place that I am not & not looking for heady conversations about these concepts …..I’m looking for love and support in my healing and to be accepted where I’m at while encouraging the truth of who I am
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Hi Brandi, I'm RA'mmm/Brandon, year 3 student. I hear your question and I respect your inquiry here. I see that you're noticing your fear of complexity and headiness and you're holding the question of whether this group will be in your best/highest interest/alignment. Trauma and insomnia has been a large part of my journey and the LTC program has been instrumental in helping me learn to be with the anxiety/panic attacks that come from my trauma/neuropathways. I have also done daily nervous system work and trauma healing with therapists consistently over my 3 years with LTC. I tell you though, when insomnia woke me at 4am last night and my body was again panicking, my nervous system techniques did very little. It was not until an hour later when I got into my heart space and listened to the daily lesson that my system relaxed and I fell back asleep. ACIM and LTC are likely not a panacea and you would likely be well served by pairing this kind of study with hakomi or some kind of somatic therapy. The daily lessons can be read as "heady" but after accepting the concepts, I now experience the lessons as primarily emotional, experiential and physical experiences. Granted, that took a year of me banging my head against the concepts, as I wasn't a Christian, nor could I even say "God" when I started the course. But now, I see God absolutely everywhere and I have a drastic increase in internal peace. I hope this helps. Feel free to call me if you want to chat. 303.931.0812
What is Love? (baby don't hurt me, I know)
After a great discussion on the physics and metaphysics of "Love" this morning on our Watch Party, I asked our fearless leader @Aaron Abke to tackle the impossible question of "What is love?" and this was his response: "Love is ultimately impossible to define, because it manifests uniquely at every dimensional level of creation. Scientifically, love is what physicists call quantum entanglement. Entanglement is evidence of the fact that all is one. On the metaphysical level, love is the fact that everything is connected and exists in relationship. Love is natural law, on that level. But on the individual level love is the inner recognition of shared being, unity or oneness with another. It is not conceptual but felt intuitively/directly. Love is the fact that the Universe is One Being, and this fact can be felt at all levels of creation. It is a very fun and interesting question to ponder, ultimately impossible to answer though 😄"
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ACIM MANTRA Lesson 327
I got inspired by the "call" and "answer" aspect of today's lesson so I did a "call and response" recording
ACIM MANTRA Lesson 327
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