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We want to get to know you, so comment below and share with the community: #1 Where you're at with your ACIM jounrey (ex. I'm new to ACIM) #2 What do you want to get out of being in the Ashram? #3 For fun, what do you like to do? #4 Take a pic of your meditation/study spot!
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@Laura McGlynn Encouraging story thanks for sharing! I’ve made a lot of progress but still haven’t had my full healing yet so this gives me hope!🙏❤️😌
Duality and ACIM
As a teacher of God (and we're all God's teachers) how do you explain or otherwise work around observed phenomena that the course says don't exist and aren't real, without also referencing or implying a duality? For example, the ACIM concepts of real and unreal are themselves a duality applied as a teaching and communication tool. Teacher and student are also Course terms that exist as polarities. Is duality the forbidden fruit of ACIM or is it just a symbollic (conceptual) framework and useful communication tool?
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@Jason Deardorff Good points ! ❤️ I don’t think ACIM is the end all be all either I see it as just a very useful tool for stubborn egos that need some loving correction I personally don’t believe there’s anything “wrong” with the ego either. I really don’t resonate with this idea or goal of not having an ego at all @Dennis Goodrich had a post last week where he mentioned the course saying we are one with our ego (don’t quote me exactly but something like that) And Aaron Abke made a comment about the ego being “an activity of the Mind” Aarons & Dennis’ statements make much more sense to me because the goal/idea of trying to “dissolve our ego” or get rid of our ego so that we can be only our “true self” is very problematic for me for several reasons 1) it causes a split that makes me go into my head to try and think too much about which thoughts are ego thoughts and which are coming from my “True self” 2) then if/when I identify my “ego” thoughts…..I repress & suppress them as bad/wrong 3) then I go to work trying to get rid of those bad/wrong ego thoughts 4) then I collapse into exhaustion because they’re just SO MANY of them ! Lol 😝 This is where other spiritual texts have been more freeing for me …..the ones emphasizing acceptance, allowance of the ego and learning to let go of this efforting and striving and working really really hard to get past my stubborn ego & all it’s defenses . So when Dennis shared that ACIM says we are one with our ego (which to me means we’re not separate from it , it’s not a separate identity, it’s part OF us) and when Aaron said it’s simply an activity of our mind …..I got excited becaue that helped take the pressure off and helps me just accept myself for who I am and where I’m at….ego & all It’s just an activity or part of my mind that thinks it’s separate & alone . so allowing it & accepting it with Love is what has been helping me calm down it’s habits of control & hiding
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@Susan Condon Love this ! ❤️🥰🙌
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Busted! Haha
Nisargadatta always speaks with precision ❤️
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@Doza Hawes Nice way of saying stop seeking where it’s not found dummy 😅
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Silence, isn't it?
We Can use all the words that we know, all the concept, all the theory, philosophy, all, all, understand. But we Can understand everything only from our mind in this way. Nothing seems better to me, than inner and outer silence, when we put all our attention on our Heart, When we feel and connect with the pure consciousness and then, we feel the true Unity with all of us and with the Univers. From this way, WE Can feel in all our cells, theory, concept, words...and understand them, isn't ? Peace and love for all of Us 🙏❤️☀️ PS: I wrote directly in english, so I Hope, it sound as good as I think in french! 😘
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Sounds wonderful to me 🥰 It’s the only thing that makes sense I just woke up having similar thoughts of bringing everything to the heart then came here and saw your post ❤️🙏 It’s painful when stuck up in the head thinking of concepts and ignoring the heart I think sometimes the resistance to being in the heart comes from fear of not being “spiritual” enough or being wrong or bad for having “negative” feelings So I woke up this morning with a more comforting thought that says the heart is where i bring all of my feelings to the Love To be still and know it’s all welcome It’s all working out ❤️
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@Andrea Schumert From my heart to yours❤️😌
HYM,STW Day 2 Miracle Minutes w/Corinne Zupko UNLOCKED
CLICK HERE to watch Miracle Minutes with Corinne Zupko. You can also go to Classroom> Heal Your Mind, Save The World> Day 2.
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@Amber Zepeda Thanks for sharing … my ego feels like it’s going to take lifetimes to unravel 😞🙃
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@Corinne Zupko Well said ! 🙌 That makes sense Thank you 🥰
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