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Help please…Has anyone healed chronic Illness/pain w/ACIM?
I’m really discouraged and struggling with how to think about this. I have a really strong desire for healing and feel like the physical pain/symptoms hold me back from giving and being more available to my friends/family and also limits my ability to create. 35 +yrs of chronic pain and I’ve given up pretty much all seeking outside of myself and jumping endless hoops with various modalities (Long list of diagnosed “labels”/symptoms & long list of various healing modalities that I won’t go into because it’s too exhausting and because I’m focused on Fear & Guilt being the root cause of all of it right now) So the programs run deep and have been working on facing all this crap for a while now using ACIM and I’m still struggling . I’ve made progress as far as having more acceptance & feeling more at ease with it all, no more stressing & striving & efforting with my will power to “make” it happen. I’ve surrendered more & have far less resistance (less, not completely free of it) And heard Mark talk about how some woman had her healing but never got the “cure” then died in peace. I’m confused because I desire full physical healing and now I’m now sure if Im wrong for wanting to be healed in the body & should just know that I’m healed in spirit OR should I be patient and keep going with the mind training & letting go of grievances work?
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@Linda Lodman Dan Buglio teaches Dr Sarnos work and has been a life saver when I was in the worst of it! ❤️ He’s amazing , calming and keeps it practical and simple and to the point He’s channel is painfreeyou if anyone sees this who has dealt with chronic pain Lotsa love ❤️
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@Monica D So many amazing teachers out there ❤️🙌
Lesson 356 Live
Who else loved the Lesson 356 live two days ago? I so enjoyed it and absolutely loved the guided mediation and would love to hear from anyone here who wants to comment and share their experience. Sending love to all. Stay blessed.
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I LOVED it! But I love all of their meditations.. They make me feel so calm & peaceful ❤️
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So true!❤️ We can use our power to love Or we can use it to resist love and be in fear One power source Two choices of what to do with that power
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@L. E. 😊
Are you open to the challenge Jesus clearly states in ACIM as the path to experience love?
Here is possibly the clearest statement in the whole course about how we must look at the ego with Jesus/Holy Spirit in order to undo the blocks we’ve built to block love. Really try to accept the atonement through doing what Jesus states as the process. Don’t let the ego fool you into believing you can speak about truth of God from your believed separated state and understand what it means with your tainted perception. Perception is made through projection and is not a fact brothers and sisters! Really challenge yourself to follow Jesus and learn his course without all the blocks you build every day with pretending to be peaceful when all day judgments and grievances are rampant in your thinking mind which you entertain. Jesus states clearly here that the dynamics of the ego will be our lessons for a while cause you MUST first look at this to see beyond it!!! So how by saying what reality is and saying I’m only love all day long while secret sins And hidden hates are allowed to be in your thoughts???? After looking QUIETLY together with Jesus (bringing your illusions to the light) through his vision you allow yourself to look beyond illusion to the TRUTH!!!!! You can see how trying to focus on the light and truth is just trying to jump over and skip the little steps our older brother asks us to make and look at directly!!!! How will you get past your minds blocks by doing the opposite of what Jesus asks of you???? These are the ways we can truly challenge ourselves to get deeper into peace by removing the blocks and therefore remembering love’s presence in our mind! Let the process that ACIM spells out clearly be your prayer to yourself for forgiveness. The only problem is that you believe in separation from God. The only answer is in undoing that belief (ego) by looking with Jesus/Holy Spirit and the light that’s non specific that is always shining will eventually come through in inspiration, peace, joy, laughter, lightness or any other symbol your mind can accept and reflect in form. Remember however the form is not reality nor will it ever be!!!! Accept no forms as your reality but let the unconditional love blast through into your experience by what Jesus asks through the entire course: Brother choose once again what you’d have your reality be. Abide in that quiet center where all problems can be clearly seen as separation trying to convince you that you’re a hateful thing that judges and condemns yourself to hell when in reality if we simply and quietly look with Jesus and allow ourselves to not take that tiny mad idea (shown to us over and over again each moment of each day) seriously we can look beyond to the experience of truth. Try brothers and sisters to not make your reality what you’d have it be and believe yourself to be RIGHT, instead know you’ve been wrong gladly and soar back to heaven with the awareness of love that you are through the abundance of willingness to be taught by your True Teacher. I’ll join with you all as one There.😘🥰❤️🌈😍🌅🙏🌸🔥
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Are you open to the challenge Jesus clearly states in ACIM as the path to experience love?
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@L. E. Awe thanks 🥰 I ended up joining that Way of Mastery group So my attention is divided now Plus the crazy holidays 😝 Hope you have a Happy New year! 🎈🎊
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@L. E. Thanks! 🥰 That’s same group I was telling you about last week when you were telling me about the iam the word ☺️
What if it's all bullsh*t?
What if ACiM teachings are all bullsh*t? What if we have drank the punch and are choosing to blindly spiritualize the world in attempts to be apathetic to our own suffering or worse yet, the suffering of others? What if I'm just fooling myself and this Peace, Joy, Love and God stuff? What if I'm just being conned out of my time and money (if I've invested money along this path)? What if this just is covering a poop world with pink paint? What then? These and similar questions are ones we probably have heard in our thinking mind throughout our discovery, discussion and practice of A Course in Miracles. Guess what -- you are right!!! The what if mind does have a myriad of questions and since none of us were sitting next to Helen when she was receiving, there could be accuracy in this line of questioning. I've experienced this myself, numerous times. Especially when the tangible nature of the world with all its trauma, loss, hate, grief or despair just seems to grab you by the heart and hair. Ouch! I've also felt this way when I've met some other students of the Course who present as "blissninnies" (a term coined by Bill Thetford himself). These are the individuals who present as "high on life" and surely not "normal." They've perhaps joined one of the few cult-like groups across the Course community, refuse to pay their bills or work jobs, seemingly couch surfing their way through life. Am I that??? I've asked. Am I just fooling myself? Yes, you are!!! However, this foolishness is not what the thinking or judging mind wants you to believe. Practicing A Course in Miracles will bring up every question and hidden shadow that the thinking mind wants to possess. This IS the process of practice. If you feel or think any of the above, this means the Course is working (and also working you)!! Every moment we are told that we havea choice to see again or consider that there must be a better way. It is is question by Helen and Bill that literally led to this work coming to fruition. I couldn't begin to list the numerous quotes throughout the material that state this choice for unlearning/undoing is the central core of our teaching. The Rules for Decision (and quite a few of the daily lessons) stand out to me as some of the most succinct ways to summarize this constant choice.
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@L. E. I dunno…
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@L. E. 😂
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