Any LTC Year 1 Program students here?
Wondering if this would be safe place for healing deep trauma or if I should have a higher level of healing before joining ?
I still get flashbacks & still in a lot of pain and know I need help but still getting heavily triggered by ACIM concepts because my ex justified horrific abuse using these ACIM concepts …..
It’s a catch 22 because I actually resonate with the core underlying message of forgiveness, everything either being love or a cry for love , seeing the soul/spirit of a person not seeing myself or others as a body. But at the same time very overwhelmed by the complexity of the language & heady/intellectual concepts
Talking about concepts make me feel further away from love and the truth of what’s in my heart
So I’m scared to join and was wondering if anyone here has been in the group and thinks it would be a safe place for people like myself recovering from trauma ? ??
I’m not looking to have my delusions or false beliefs fed, but I’m also not looking to be expected to be at a level or place that I am not & not looking for heady conversations about these concepts …..I’m looking for love and support in my healing and to be accepted where I’m at while encouraging the truth of who I am
Brandi Jade
Any LTC Year 1 Program students here?
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