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Duality and ACIM
As a teacher of God (and we're all God's teachers) how do you explain or otherwise work around observed phenomena that the course says don't exist and aren't real, without also referencing or implying a duality? For example, the ACIM concepts of real and unreal are themselves a duality applied as a teaching and communication tool. Teacher and student are also Course terms that exist as polarities. Is duality the forbidden fruit of ACIM or is it just a symbollic (conceptual) framework and useful communication tool?
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This Ashram concept is a very new space for the folks enrolled in LTC. We're not used to having theological debates around ACIM. The vibe in LTC is to always recognize that anything we percieve that we disagree with or that triggers us to be our own forgiveness work, no matter how resolved the ego might feel about it. The Ashram is a bigger stage and a bigger playground than the ~300 or so of us in LTC are used to, with different characters and maybe even different approaches to the Course being represented. It's good for all these ideas to come together and I think they're helping us see ourselves and the things our egos are attached to, and reintroducing some of that beginner mind and questioning that is so vital to spiritual work. It's a blessing to be a part of whatever this is, and I don't want to name it.
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@Pamela Mills This is an absolutely fabulous post, sister! I referred to your opening lines in different words just a few moments ago (re: there is no such thing, no experience of "not-God" and separation being the mind's misinterpretation of Oneness) but this is super clear and practical, and how we typically view the Course's teaching in LTC. I'm gonna read this again later today. 🙏
Guidance for connecting to Holy Spirit
From birth until the age of 23 I was raised in a very strict religion. It required a great deal of prayer, I remember intuitively feeling as young as 6 that my prayers were not connecting to the higher power I was constantly being told to pray to. Now it's more than 2 decades later. I have been doing a great deal of ACIM study. It is resonating with me unlike anything I have experienced. One area I am struggling with is communication to Holy Spirit as it brings back negative memories of my religious past. What is the framework for the communication, is it done formally like a prayer, do you specifically refer to Holy Spirit or do you some people call it something else... Do you conclude formally like with an Amen? Or is it done more casually than with dogmatic religion? Perhaps someone can provide an example. I hope this query for explanation makes sense...
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How we experience (hear, feel, see, recognize) Holy Spirit will be unique to each of us but the Course will eventually make the connection for us. It recently clicked for me that I was already hearing Spirit and just wasn't recognizing it. My ego would come in afterwards and claim it. Ego's new trick now is to doubt the voice. A key Course lesson on this for me is "Holy Spirit speaks as loud as my willingness to listen."🙏
Separation - What's in it for me?
This came up today in the Year 1-3 Daily Lesson live via @Christian Steiner (this bro asks really great questions, ya'll). We recognize a somewhat advanced perspective, since the question would not occur to the one who still believes salvation is available within the dream. This question also marks a profound inflection point on the spiritual path. ACIM eventually lands us in the understanding that we are an extension of God, and our purpose is to enable God to experience Itself. We can think of separation and Oneness as two sides of the same coin or polarities similar to hot/cold, masculine/feminine or the yin/yang. We can't know hot without the experience of cold or masculine without feminine; each is only known by and from the perspective of the other, and neither has relevance without both. This is how we can think of separation and Oneness fitting together, and this idea extends into unreality vs. reality and dreaming vs. awake. We literally fall asleep into the illusion of separation to provide God the experience (many, many trillions of experiences) of awakening to the reality of Oneness. Ultimately, that "why am I here" breaks down into a divine mystery but whatever it is, it's no different from a surfer turning up the wave just to surf back down, or the skier/snowboarder carving left so they can again carve to the right. We get to do that forever in love and in service to God.💜 I'm reminded of a beautiful scene at the end of Wes Anderson's film Asteriod City where the story characters, who are all playing the role of actors in play (how fitting is that!), begin chanting "You can't wake up if you don't fall asleep." This is like a Zen riddle and when followed to where it points the divine mystery appears, symbolized by the extraterrestrial offering up the asteroid that is the centerpiece of the entire film. Blessings. 🙏 You can't wake up if you don't fall asleep. - YouTube
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Separation - What's in it for me?
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@Dennis Goodrich Thank you. 🙏
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@Dennis Goodrich 💜 Truly grateful for you, my brother, my reflection, my teacher. 🙏
Hi everyone. I am really battling to get the balance between spirituality and Christianity. I have no doubt about God but I am very confused about the Jesus issue. Many of you talk about Christ consciousness as if Jesus was not actually the son of God but rather someone who understood what it meant to be one with God and he taught us very valuable lessons. I am trying to understand if what you are saying is that He was not actually the son of God any more than we are children/reflections of God. If that is what you believe, did He not rise again from the dead to save the world? If you do still believe in Jesus as the church teaches us to believe in Him, does this come back to the fact that only if someone accepts Jesus as their saviour can they share in spiritual awakening? I am getting the impression from this group and the teachings that spiritual awakening is for everyone no matter your religion. The law of one, in my opinion, makes this open to anyone who grasps the concept and lives according to that truth. This however leaves me very confused about the Jesus issue. Is He more symbolic, or was He real? If not actually the son of God, then the basis of Christianity falls flat on its face. What about all the proof. I am so ready for spiritual awakening as I have always known there is more, but I am finding it difficult to know how to move on from so much of the conditioning. If I can have the answers on how to deal with this, it would really help. I guess what I am finding confusing is that most of the teachings still refer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and scripture is so often used so clearly you are not fighting the idea of Christianity totally but what about other religions? Any help or clarity on this would be great. Thanks to All in this community.
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@Antoinette Spence "Co-heirs with Christ" That is beautiful, sister. 💜🙏
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@Nela Bo Great post. Translated: For me, it all depends on how we represent God and what we put behind the word God, himself. Does God represent a man or a woman? We say the creator, but it could be the creator! I have no religious education, so it is simpler for me to consider God as this Infinite Intelligence of pure Love. Jesus says “Our father”. If he is a son of God, we are all sons and daughters of God. Son of God according to me is the understanding of the process of Unity with this Infinite intelligence, God, the Source, the Universe. To experience abundance, let us be abundance, to experience peace, let us be peace etc. Jesus fully understood and sought to convey it with his words of the time. Also, depending on the translations, the meaning or interpretation is not always the same. One thing is certain for me, no matter what has been reported, interpreted...he came to teach us Love and how to access the full consciousness of Unity. But above all, it was a language adapted to the time, with a lot of poetry and metaphors. Today he would probably say things differently 😃. He would use terms in relation to our time, perhaps from quantum physics!😉 It's like understanding the word "sin", for some it is a serious act while for others, as soon as There is a lack of love in a situation, that is sin. I don't know if it helps you see things more clearly, but I think what matters is to experiment for yourself. The rest is just word and interpretation. Everyone translates according to their filters, their history, their beliefs, their conditioning. We can also get out of conditioning by saying: I don't know, I'm neutral, I observe. Everyone has their own idea, we are not obliged to adhere to one or another. We can leave the door open to all possibilities. 😘☀️❤️Peace and Light to you.
Journal exercise discussion.
Despite the conceptual knowledge that there is no lack and that life is happening for us not to us, how does the current "system" that has set out to push the victim mentality on us get defeated in our minds when we still have to operate within its confines?
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@Amber Zepeda 😂 Ego always wants to think it knows something. Spirit actually knows. A big part of the Course is learning to distinguish between the two. Blessings. 🙏
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@Amber Zepeda oh I got the joke. 😜 This convo is serving more people than just us is the reason for spelling it out. 🙏
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