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In order to get acquainted and and help fellow community members, please share: 1. The name and location of your shop. 2. Your biggest frustration with finding techs. 3. How you found your last tech.



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    Brandon Anderson aardvark automotive - Amarillo, Tx. diamond in the rough, hard to get the attention of the technician that has experience, quality home life, good attitude that works with my team, and I can get along with on a 50 hour a week basis - hoping to get a few possibles for the bull pin too, tech find helped me get several more applications a day and found a b- tech with a good attitude who started Monday, so far so good too, I have ran out of the good techs I know in my area, looking for better options

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Brandon Anderson
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Amarillo Texas

Well in the business since 1998, managed Aardvark since 2006, purchased shop 4 and a half years ago. V8 engines!

Member since Jan 10, 2023

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