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4 contributions to GoHighLevel w/ Robb Bailey
Say Hey to the Newbie!
I found GHL a few months ago but have been so confused about how to use the tools to start making money. I am SO grateful I found this group. All of the free resources have been SO helpful and I find myself motivated again like I was when I first learned of the software. I’m so ready to get started, I was up until like 6am just watching videos and taking three pages of notes. Look for my video in the wins tab coming soon ;-)
Deb Shipman
Java Hardge
Susan Bell
Suzanna Kiraly
Cyan Misencik
New comment 17d ago
  • 3 likes • Sep 25
    @Suzanna Kiraly love it!! I do the same + use ChatGPT to provide a summary with key takeaways, principles and action steps 😀
  • 3 likes • Sep 26
    Great stuff 😀. Feel free to reach out if you get stuck on anything
DR Math Walkthrough Sheet w/ Client NOTE: I am not in the sales level 4 yet. Newbie 1. If I walked through this spreadsheet with a client - Don't pay me unless I get you _?_ clients in the first _________month/week/day(s) - is there a sheet like this in the future videos/levels? 2. Offer: Hi Gym Owner, exciting news! We've launched a new tool for gyms that guarantees X+ new members in X timeframe at no cost. We handle all follow-ups; you just close the prospects we send. No catch - we only ask for a google review if you're happy with the results. Would you be interested in learning more? I'd be glad to explain in a quick 15-minute call. Looking forward to the possibility of working together. 3. Based on the conservative spreadsheet analysis I'd need 2,000 in the database to safely say 7 plus new members - what are you guys saying / guaranteeing, without knowing a database size?
Daniela Gattel
Michael Brown
Taha M
Jaime Tineo
Michael Harmon
New comment Oct 13
  • 2 likes • Sep 24
    This is great @Michael Brown - really appreciate the work you've put into creating this!! Definitely gonna use it :D
Lost access/ Getting Restarted :)
Heya All - I'm usually hiding in the shadows, rather than posting about...but since I can no longer access the DBR vids that I used to I thought I'd say hi to you all and get my levelling up rolling. Oh and also, thanks so much to Robb and the team for putting this all together...I really appreciate it :) Fantastic training!!
Suzanna Kiraly
Seth Ward
Taha M
Celia Steincamp
Mahmoudou Sidibe
New comment Sep 28
  • 2 likes • Sep 26
    @Nicolas Schill thanks mate 😃. Will do 😁
  • 2 likes • Sep 26
    @Taha M that's great. What sort of offer have you decided to go down the path of?
DR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) The main metrics you’ll want to measure for DR with basic minimum acceptable targets are: 1. Percentage of leads with an appointment set: >2% (depends) 2. Percentage of leads who showed up for an appointment: >50% 3. Close Percentage: >35% (depends) **Note: There are others you can measure as well, most commonly, number of leads who opted in, but that’s not as results-oriented as just starting with appointments. 1. Lead Set Appointments Let’s start with the number of leads with an appointment set. Notice the specificity of the language. You’re not actually measuring “number of appointments set.” If you were, then if you were to set, cancel, then reset the same lead, you’d have 2 appointments, but only one sales opportunity. That’d be cheating! It’s not uncommon to set and cancel and reset, so you want to make sure your appt numbers don’t get blown out of proportion. Luckily, dashboard reporting accounts for this, and the opportunity will move around stage to stage, but never duplicate. You can see the number of leads with an appointment set in the dashboard: The dashboard reports on the entire pipeline, however, so if you have multiple sources of leads, and you’re looking for just DR reporting, head to opportunities and filter to the tag “dr” (which every DR lead should have for this exact purpose). Make sure you are looking at “all” appointments and not just “open” so you can see those with outcomes marked. Divide this number by the total number of leads activated on the drip campaign so far. Automation → Total Enrolled. Minus out error messages. Funnel View: “Appt Set” / (Total Enrolled - Errors) = Percentage of Leads With Appts. You’re typically looking to see 2% or more of leads setting appointments, but this depends greatly on math logic and what a sale ends up being worth to you/your client. 2. Lead Show Rate On the show side, again, notice the specific language. You’re not actually measuring “number of showed appointments.” If you were, then if you set an appointment that gets a no-show, then rebook and get a show, you’d have only a 50% show rate, even though 1/1 leads with an appointment had shown. You’d be penalizing yourself for what is actually one of the most crucial and valuable services in the whole system: no show rebooking! So make sure you count the number of leads who show. Again, luckily, the opportunities dashboard will not duplicate opportunities, only move them from stage to stage.
Anthony Skinner
David Ortega
James Key Lim
Ron Gibson
Boyd Bowker
New comment Sep 24
  • 0 likes • Sep 24
    Haplin, this is AWESOME!! Thanks so much for sharing :)
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