DR Math Walkthrough Sheet w/ Client


NOTE: I am not in the sales level 4 yet. Newbie

  1. If I walked through this spreadsheet with a client - Don't pay me unless I get you _?_ clients in the first _________month/week/day(s) - is there a sheet like this in the future videos/levels?
  2. Offer: Hi Gym Owner, exciting news! We've launched a new tool for gyms that guarantees X+ new members in X timeframe at no cost. We handle all follow-ups; you just close the prospects we send. No catch - we only ask for a google review if you're happy with the results. Would you be interested in learning more? I'd be glad to explain in a quick 15-minute call. Looking forward to the possibility of working together.
  3. Based on the conservative spreadsheet analysis I'd need 2,000 in the database to safely say 7 plus new members - what are you guys saying / guaranteeing, without knowing a database size?

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