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$185,015/mo with Skool 🙂
Sup guys! Just hit a cool milestone with Skool. Here are 3 things I love about Skool: 1. Community - there’s a heavy emphasis on community and my members love it. 2. Gamification - when you get this right the community is awesome without you. 3. All In One - with community, courses, and calls in one area it’s easy to have active members. Those alone make Skool an amazing platform. I could spend an hour writing out a list of every feature I love, but less is more. But that doesn’t mean I’m showing up empty handed… There’s one thing I love about Skool the most: And that’s the ability to create an amazing product. It’s the one thing that has led to most of our growth. We have a product that’s so good, members share it with their friends. Without the 3 things above, building an amazing product would be very difficult. Quick formula for ya before I sign off: Great Product x (Ascensions + Continuity) = 🚀 Thank you @Sam Ovens and the team, Brady 🫡 P.S. there’s no screenshot bc money is between like 4-5 different processors.
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Austin Connell
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Congrats!! What do you think the BEST thing was to get new members on board for you and have your members tell everyone about you?!
Can leaddyno track sales made vai Skool Payments?
So I saw leaddyno is what most people are using for affiliates... does it integrate with skool easily?
Can I Hide a Course?
I'm trying to make it so someone can go to a Course that has a sales video in it and a way to buy that course... if they buy from there is there a way to hide that area and unlock the actual course?
Asmâa Methqal
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WIN: Booking 1700+ calls in 2023 (my lessons) 🔔
Hi Everyone, Thought I'd make this short post about how we booked about 1700 calls using Skool, and Sam's strategies and what we've learned from it. Lots of things have happened since joining the program and hope this might be of value. Let's go to even more calls! - Stefan
Shane Dutka
Stefan Andjelovic
Danny Mallinder
Sam Crowley
Benny D
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If you don't mind me asking.. how much would you pay your sales guys to jump on calls if your price point is 3-4k? Thanks!
Link Locked Course?
Is there some way to have it so if someone clicks a locked course it goes to an external sales page? How does someone find the checkouts to buy individual courses? Thanks
Erika Kulpina
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Free Community + Paid Community Combined
Getting my paid customers to come into my free community and post valuable content that would most likely push my free community to paid would be AMAZING. As of right now, it looks like the only solution is to have 2 separate groups which means I would need to work with a bunch of free people and convince them myself because why would my paid customers come to the free or am I missing something? Imagine for a second you have your free content and the free community could see locked blurb posts that they can't access unless they upgrade. This would set your membership on FIRE! I have seen the work arounds, but like I said, the more that you can keep your loyal paid customers creating posts etc in front of people that don't really know you yet the better. This would be branding on steroids. Also, imagine having an option under each one of your product videos where they can have a mini community. This would help you really pump up each video and make them better to help more of your customers. I saw someone post that that's what "pinned to module" is for. But wouldn't my free community have access to that? I am not complaining.. I just feel like this would be some obvious features to have and now I'm stuck wondering how I should build this out because I do not want to split up Communities. I know that I can have my zoom meetings locked under a product and that's cool.. but that seems tobe it? Am I missing something? Thanks!
Paid + Free?
Sorry if this is covered somewhere.. but can I have a free community as well as a paid community together? So people would need to upgrade to go to different areas? If not, how would you go about doing this. Also, I could have sworn I saw comments in the classroom on a video somewhere underneath the trainings. Is there a way to turn those on?
Asmâa Methqal
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