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James West
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Bio: Business owner looking to break away from the day to something interesting and make some money. Let's go....
James Ray
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Bio: Hi, I'm James Ray, a seasoned marketing professional with over 14 years of experience in developing and implementing successful digital marketing
Richard Boswell
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Bio: The secret to wealth is Smart investing
Nicole West
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Bio: Profitable trader leveraging insights, mastering risk, and embracing opportunities for financial growth in dynamic market environments.
Tracy Clark
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Bio: Profitable in trading
Thomas Swapp
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Bio: Born raised in San Diego, Ca. Married for 58 years, 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren. Played foorball for 17 years.
Wendelynn Kohn
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Bio: Greetings from sunny AZ!
Richard Crafton
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Bio: my name is richard and i live in florida
Wanda Lee
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Bio: Hi Everyone!! I’m so excited to be here to learn & be a part of the Team!!!
Matt Pliskin
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Bio: ...
Blake Walrond
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Bio: Scott
James Ulibarri
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Bio: I will add more info
David Tillis
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Bio: I'm an early retiree to stay home with my special needs son, who likes to trade, but needs to become a lot batter at it
Alfredo Watt
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Bio: Entrepreneurs and fitness
Abigail Morris
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Bio: Happy to be here 🙂
Clara Lisa
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Bio: Equal to all
Taylor Parker
Los Angeles
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Bio: Passionate about my work, dedicated to making a difference, and committed to continuous growth.
Matthew Frenchman
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Bio: My name is Matt and I’m a Pipaholic…
Alex Ramirez
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Ellis Dandy
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Bio: learning trader seeking to get better
Wayne W Daly
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Phemey Pon
Hong Kong
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Bio: Learn to build a group around stocks, properties, crypto. Share knowledge, bond, and earn passive income. A journey of growth and financial gain await
Richard Zane
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Bio: Hello
King Walker
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Bio: The only way to success is pain
Mateo Crawford
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Bio: ༒ IN GOD I TRUST ༒ American 🇺🇸 Dominican 🇩🇴
Anna K
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Bio: Hi there.
Paul Gambit
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Bio: Day trader | 🇺🇸🇮🇹
Neo Ngwanamonyane
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Bio: Full time Forex Trader.
CruzPerez Peter
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Bio: Seek knowledge
Nathan Bowell
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Bio: Find out who you are and do it on purpose.
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Bob Beckett
God, Family, Trading

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