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I'm getting pretty much all spam VSL email leads right now. Any suggestions? I'm on week 2.5 of ad spend
New comment Jan 24
2 likes • Jan 18
Been experiencing targeted SPAM for clients on Google Ads a fair bit recently and the best fix I've found so far is excluding the locations and the IP addresses of the region from all google ad campaigns (using Hyros). I have had to pause a couple of campaigns that were the worse affected as the spam calls threw off the optimization. I haven't implemented it yet but we are looking to add a verification to the email opt-in to make sure they are real emails. One question, are you on optimized targeting right now (if Google)
Clickfunnels PSA - Pls avoid this mistake
Hey guys, been seeing a lot of clients have this issue with the split-test URL of Clickfunnels or GoHighLevel Pages. Here is why it's an issue and how to fix -
Clickfunnels PSA - Pls avoid this mistake
Best tips for increasing show up rate?
What are your top hacks to increase show up rate in the setting call?
New comment Nov '23
0 likes • Nov '23
Having the sales person send a personalised loom or voice note to the prospect helps. Also I'm a big fan of an SMS 15 mins before the call. Have you tested improving/changing the video on the call booking TYP to ensure there are clear instructions and they are resold on showing up. Lastly, have you tried removing the triage call? I've seen a couple of people remove setters and confirmation calls from the process and improve their show-up rate drastically
0 likes • Nov '23
@Michael Schafhauser Depending on what CRM you use you can use a software like 'FixYourFunnel' to send the SMS but you should be able to find a way to do it with Zapier but you might need a different software to do the SMS blasts. I'd probably whatsapp the personalised loom or voice note.
what audience to target in your first test on YT Ads?
Hey everyone ! I'm testing my first 5 creatives (5 hooks + 1 body) and I don't know what audience should I target. (I don't want my test to fail just because of the audience) Any recommandations ? (for more context : I run YT Ads for a webinar with an offer at 2k$, so my first test cannot be longer thant 7 days, I have a 2k budget for this first test, and my target is photographer who does’nt have enough clients)
New comment Nov '23
1 like • Nov '23
@Alexy Lf If you use Google keyword planner tool you can see the search volume, you don't want to use any keywords that don't have a decent search volume as they won't serve. I would use a mix of broad short-tail keyword and then lower volume specific keywords but make sure to keep them in separate custom intent audiences
1 like • Nov '23
@Alexy Lf I would create 5-8 different audiences with 1 campaign, 1 ad group and 5 ads. For search volume above 10 searches a week and you should be good. If you are including 8-10 KW in your custom intent audience you should be good any way
Your account is suspended
Hey guys, I have a quick question. When I have created YT ads, it shows: “Your account is suspended - We’ve detected suspicious payments in your account.” But I've never run any YT ads before and never done any payments. I wrote an appeal and they replied that my account is not suspended. But I still can see “Your account is suspended.” Anyway I finished the process and started the ads but it's already 7 days and they are still being controlled. So I wrote an appeal again and they replied the same thing again that my account is not suspended. Nothing else. And my ads still don't run. Do you know how to deal with this situation?
New comment Nov '23
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Definitely reach out on chat support to Google to get their help with this. For my clarity, are your ads currently spending? You said they are being 'controlled' but not sure what you mean by that
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