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what audience to target in your first test on YT Ads?
Hey everyone ! I'm testing my first 5 creatives (5 hooks + 1 body) and I don't know what audience should I target. (I don't want my test to fail just because of the audience) Any recommandations ? (for more context : I run YT Ads for a webinar with an offer at 2k$, so my first test cannot be longer thant 7 days, I have a 2k budget for this first test, and my target is photographer who does’nt have enough clients)
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@Billy Porter Thank you ! And is it better to be really specific in the keyword (ex : "wedding camera setting") or to give Google broader keyword (ex : "living from photography"), or maybe both ?
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@Billy Porter When you say "make sure to keep them in separate custom intent audiences", does this mean that I have to create 2 separates campaigns with the same 5 creatives and 2 different audiences ? And if you could you quantify what "decent search volume" means, it would be awesome ! (I know, you cannot give a specific number, but I just like to have a ladder)
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Hi everyone, I'm Alexy and I want to build a youtube ads agency for french info-marketeurs in the self help industry
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