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🌟 A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Leadeth Skool Members! 🌟
As our Leadeth Skool community continues to grow and flourish, it brings us immense joy to extend a heartfelt welcome to our newest members. Your presence enriches us all, and we proudly stand strong at 208 members! Meet Our Newest Members: @Chris Fox - A visionary in business strategy, Chris founded A thinker and doer. @Rachel Bee - Specialising in Communication and Leadership, Rachel is a Workplace Relationship Coach with a knack for nurturing professional relationships, and we're thrilled to have her expertise among us. @Joanna Howes - An award-winning leadership coach and the founder of The Change Creators, Joanna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and consultancy. @Adam Kopacsy - With a delightful sense of humour and a passion for marketing, Adam from Sydney, Australia, aims to make a mark in the marketing world. He joined us on March 5th, and we're excited for the energy he brings. @Mark Young - An AI-powered digital Marketer and coach, who is on a mission to revolutionise digital marketing. With bases in Vilnius and London, Mark is ready to share his innovative insights. @Henry Stewart - Embracing the title of Chief Happiness Officer, Henry is here to spread joy and positivity. @Daniel Charles - A tech enthusiast and devoted father of two, Daniel is the mind behind He brings a fresh perspective on technology and family life. @Julia Pizzichemi - Founder of Team Clinic Services, Julia is dedicated to enhancing health performance coaching for executives and entrepreneurs. Your diverse backgrounds, skills, and passions make our community a richer place for learning, sharing, and growing together. We're excited to see how your contributions will shape our journey ahead. Feel free to dive into discussions, share your insights, and connect with fellow members.
New comment 24d ago
3 likes • Mar 13
Welcome everyone. You will love this community.
Exclusive Go High-Level Integration at an Unbeatable Price!
Hello All, I'm thrilled to share some fantastic news with you all! 🌟 In our constant pursuit to streamline and enhance your business operations, we have integrated an all-encompassing solution – Go High-Level – with your existing Leadeth tool directly integrated to fill your funnels. This integration promises to revolutionise how you manage your business in 2024 and beyond. What's in it for You? Go High-Level is a comprehensive tool that brings together full CRM capabilities, social media management, landing pages and much more, going direct their subscription starts at just $99 per month. But here’s the best part – we’re offering it to some beta Leadeth subscribers for only £49 GBP + VAT. Additionally, the typical monthly data usage (covering emails, SMS, and calls) will be less than £20 for about 2000 contacts, billed monthly. - This is billed at cost to help you out. Why Choose Leadeth's Go High-Level Integration? - All-In-One Solution: Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools. This integration replaces the need for platforms like Hubspot, Calendly, Buffer, Zapier or MailerLite, providing a unified approach to your business needs. - Full Suite Features: Enjoy the benefits of managing your CRM, crafting engaging email newsletters, and setting up efficient workflow automation – all within one platform. - Special Pricing Exclusively for You: As a valued member of our Leadeth family, we're offering this integrated solution at an introductory price. - Client-Dropin Support: To ensure you get the most out of this tool, I'm extending my 3 weekly client-only drop-in sessions to include GHL support to get you automating and systemising your business faster. Limited Beta Offer We're rolling out this exciting integration with a beta offer open to the first 10 clients – and guess what? Two slots are already taken! This is your chance to be among the elite group that gets to experience the future of business management software. Your Path to Streamlined Business Success
New comment Feb 22
3 likes • Jan 31
I have moved everything into GHL and loving it.
1 like • Feb 4
@Lesley Strachan Happy to. Book a day here
Are you Verified yet?
So I’m now LinkedIn Verified - the process took seconds to complete with a current passport. This means others can confidently connect and converse with me because I am a human with a pulse. The verification badge on your profile indicates that you were able to confirm specific information about your account. Having verified information helps provide authenticity signals to others that you’re who you say you are. Seeing verified information on others’ profiles helps foster a trusted community so you can make more informed decisions around connecting with other professionals.
New comment Feb 14
2 likes • Jan 31
I saw this a while ago, but had difficulty in doing the verifying thing. Will go back and have another go.
New Feature on Leadeth® Sales Engagement Platform
Introducing “the newsletter” this is a daily email report that hits your inbox at 9am in the morning. If you’d like me to enable this feature on your Leadeth account please reply below with “Turn On”.
New comment Feb 6
3 likes • Jan 19
Turn on (Please)
Welcome new members!
Hello, everyone, and a warm welcome to our vibrant LinkedIn Lead Generation Skool community! 🌟 I'm delighted to introduce you to our fantastic 5 new members in the last week. Let's give a hearty virtual applause to: @Jc Cardenas - Our proactive Email Marketer for Course Creators, who joined us just 14 hours ago. Your expertise will surely enrich our discussions. @Narasiman Jayachandran - A seasoned Software Architect with 15 years of experience, actively pursuing the path to success in trading. We're here to support you every step of the way! @Karen Mann - My friendly local (Dorset, UK) bookkeeper, dedicated to helping SMEs thrive through accurate accounts. Your insights are invaluable, Karen! Long time no see! @David Eriksson - The Founder & CEO at FreeTheFrame FZCO, on a mission to assist Training & Coaching Businesses Grow with value-driven content and social selling systems. Welcome to our global community! @Andrew Hermon - Joined seven days ago now, eager to contribute and learn within our community. We're excited to have you on board! It's wonderful to have such diverse talents and experiences joining our ranks. Feel free to engage with these members, ask questions, and share your insights. Together, we will create a dynamic and supportive environment where we can all learn and grow. Once again, a warm welcome to all our new members, and a big thank you to our existing community for being so supportive and engaging. Let's continue to make LinkedIn lead generation a breeze!
New comment Jan 16
2 likes • Jan 14
Welcome and you know you are going to get so much from being here.
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