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COO Mastery is the place to develop every skill needed to combine forces with successful CEO's. Build your hard skills and find your CEO.



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Where can I find the scripts?
I'm looking for the DM and phone script. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thank you very much in advance!
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@Eva R Hey Eva thanks for the tag. The scripts we've mastered to make us and our clients over $2,000,000 are only free for VIP members. You can grab them here. Here. And here.
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@Eva R There's a whole nother one 🔥 i'll reach out with more details.
1st Beta Client
I just got my first beta client as recommended by one of the courses I watched on here. The problem is, I don’t really have a curriculum or strategy in place… what am I going to teach?? My niche is mindset coaching. Where do I go from here?? Thanks.
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Let's GOO
Is It Okay To Include My Affiliate Link In A Post?
Hey team. I'm enjoying it here and loving the content. Thank you. Question about a future post and rules. I was going to make a post today about the #1 Content Scheduler I use and just educate people about it. But I also thought about including my affiliate link would be smart. However, is that allowed here? Probably not but I thought I'd ask. Let me know @Ted Carr @Benny D . Thank you! Josh
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Nope this is also not allowed. Leveraging other people's audience for $$ is commonly frowned upon in the entrepreneur space.
Is It Okay To Include a Link To My Freebie Lead Magnet Ebook And Possibly Offer A Template Of It For Free
Hello @Ted Carr and @Benny D . I'm not sure how to ask a question or if I should even tag you two so, let me (us) know if you'd like. I have finished my Freebie Lead Magnet Ebook and want to share it and share my template. Let me know if this is okay. Thanks! --Josh
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Great question Josh, we do not allow people to push their content in this group. As we cannot verify the legitimacy of every link if we did. Thanks for asking.
Skool Meet Up in LA! May 25th.
Ready to unlock the door to an entirely new Contentpreneurship experience? Join us in person this May! Why? Sometimes it's fun to get outside & meet new people :) Who's invited? Skool community/group owners, AKA "admins". When? Saturday, May 25th, 2024 from 10AM to 4PM. ⏰ Where? Beverly Hills, LA, California. Exact location will be provided upon RSVP completion. 📍 How? Drop a GIF below & then RSVP here. Oh, and bring your notebook and pencil because you might be taking a lot of notes. And bring your A-Game because you might get interviewed... And food? It's BYOB (bring your own bananas) and we made it end at 4pm so you can can go out for dinner afterwards with your favourite people. See you in May! Ted P.S. If you don't have your own Skool community yet, just DM me the word SKOOL and I'll set one up for you over a Zoom call. P.S.S. We're also going to have a private mastermind meeting the next day (May 26th) as well for members of Contentpreneurs who want to make more money with their Skool communities/coaching programs.
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Gonna be legendary.
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@Claudia Taboada Legendary, use these links to RSVP for each. See you soon!
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