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Talk with Damon Gameau
In this special conversation we dive deep into various aspects of health of ourself as well as of our planet. Damon is a filmmaker, director, producer and environmentalist. His work has captured the hearts and minds of millions. Here the direct link to our talk: Damon was nominated for NSW North South West Australian of the Year for his outstanding contributions to 'the Regeneration' movement, which seeks practical innovations to heal our planet, one step at a time. It was a great pleasure to have him. Please join and share our channel:
Talk with Damon Gameau
Talk with Jet van Wijk
If you want to know how a 25-year-old woman conquered the digital world and empowered hundreds of people to take life into their own hands with online businesses, then watch this. And pass it on to many other young people. Intuition helped her working online! She is a role model for many women and a wonderful soul. Please share as well our channel NewEarthVibration&SoulAlignment with the world. Thank you
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Talk with Jet van Wijk
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@Robin Mullin Thank you Robin - you will meet her in New York
WILLOW - the so called "Death Angel"
I got to know Willow on my trip to Antarctica. Our contact deepened when we had to wait three hours together at the airport for check-in to open. During this time I learned a lot about Willow and invited her to create this talk with me for New Earth Vibration & Soul Alignment. Willow is an intuitive music healer who works “miracles” with her harp. She was employed in a clinic to play the harp for people who were in a coma or in transition. This gave her the name “Angel of Death”. But still, people have woken up from comas and told her the following afterwards: “Your music gave me so much energy that I was able to come back.” Just listen in and experience her energy for yourself, because she also played an intuitive piece of music in our talk for all of us. And please share this with your peer and submit to our channel: New Earth Vibration & Soul Aligment
New comment May 12
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Thank you Amy 😄
Meet Brian Kelly
this week Brian Kelly is on my YouTube channel. He created a novelty in the world of breathwork. Brian Kelly is the Co-Founder of YogiLab, a Bali-based personal development platform, and the Founder and Lead Coach of Breath Masters. He's a pioneer in the world of breathwork and has developed a signature method that combines somatic breathwork with multidimensional HD sound, binaural brain entrainment, 432Hz harmonic tuning, subliminal hypnotic therapy, guided vocal coaching, and bioacoustic sound effects. The result is a world-class, subconscious mind-bending experience unlike anything else in the world of breathwork. Anyone who has experienced one of these breathwork sessions will experience a profound transformation of emotional attachments. The advantage is that you can feel the effect immediately. This is the case both in live seminars and live online. If you have any questions, contact me. I am personally trained by Brian and give these sessions. Come and submit to our channel: See you there. Beate😄
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Meet Brian Kelly
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@Amy Thurman yes Amy, indeed. He is a wonderful person
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@Robin Mullin thank you Robin - and more to come 😄
Hi ladies - I had an amazing talk with Sam. I met him on our journey to / in Antartica. He does a special kind of sound healing I have never heard before. In our conversation he will explain this in detail and he did as well a "taster" with me as model. It was amazing. Please listen und share it with the world. Here is the direct link to our talk: And we all would be happy if everyone submit to the channel and share the wisdom and light. New Earth Vibration & Soul Alignment Thank you all.
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