WILLOW - the so called "Death Angel"
I got to know Willow on my trip to Antarctica. Our contact deepened when we had to wait three hours together at the airport for check-in to open. During this time I learned a lot about Willow and invited her to create this talk with me for New Earth Vibration & Soul Alignment.
Willow is an intuitive music healer who works “miracles” with her harp.
She was employed in a clinic to play the harp for people who were in a coma or in transition. This gave her the name “Angel of Death”. But still, people have woken up from comas and told her the following afterwards:
“Your music gave me so much energy that I was able to come back.”
Just listen in and experience her energy for yourself, because she also played an intuitive piece of music in our talk for all of us.
And please share this with your peer and submit to our channel: New Earth Vibration & Soul Aligment
Beate Nimsky
WILLOW - the so called "Death Angel"
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