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Invite for you - Iconic Leadership Masterclass!
This Thursday, @Rhonda Swan, @Marjet van Wijk (the creator of the Laptop Lifestyle) and Jules Schroeder (The Unconventional Life) are hosting a free event: The Iconic Leadership Masterclass! This masterclass is a siren call for female entrepreneurs ready to master the art of brand expansion and step into the next level of visionary leadership. We created this masterclass to demystify the art of personal branding + brand expansion as an iconic leader, so you can: - Make the money you want  - Achieve the freedom you want  - Create your dream life - Make a difference in the world with your unique gifts We believe women have been taught to stay silent for too long—it’s time for a new paradigm of feminine leadership in business. This masterclass is for the woman who knows she was born to make waves. The woman who can see possibilities others can’t. The woman who is brave, fierce, and ready to see the world evolve. What you’ll learn: - Differentiating Your Brand Through Strategic Positioning & Storytelling: how to craft a compelling core message with emotional stories that resonate and stand out  - Stepping Into Bold Leadership & Expanding Globally: learn what it takes to see the vision beyond the vision and scale your client base around the world—without adding more hours to your workday - Maximizing Your Legacy Through Value-Driven Leadership: discover why your values need to be at the forefront of your brand story—and the #1 mistake most brands make Click HERE to get the details and register. Will you join us?
Hi ladies - I had an amazing talk with Sam. I met him on our journey to / in Antartica. He does a special kind of sound healing I have never heard before. In our conversation he will explain this in detail and he did as well a "taster" with me as model. It was amazing. Please listen und share it with the world. Here is the direct link to our talk: And we all would be happy if everyone submit to the channel and share the wisdom and light. New Earth Vibration & Soul Alignment Thank you all.
❤️‍🔥 International Women's Day Summit: Celebrating Wild Women Around The World! ❤️‍🔥
UPDATE: What an amazing show! If you missed it live - you can watch the replay HERE 🥳 This event will be hosted by @Stephanie Jaie and feature guest speakers Karen Whelan, Blair Kaplan, Marci Hopkins, @Barbie Layton, and Loretta Wetzel. Date: March 8th Time: 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM Europe Register: Please note: You can also find this on the Calendar here
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The Art of Being Visible - 3 day challenge recordings! 💜
If you missed it, you can now find the recordings of The Art Of Being Visible 3 day challenge, right here in the Tribe Classroom! Activate Your Voice, Clarify Your Message, & Go From Best-Kept Secret to World-Renowned Brand. With @Rhonda Swan and Jules Schroeder, and guest speakers each day - @Barbie Layton, @Kortney Murray and @Marjet van Wijk Day 1 — Unleashing your UNIQUE VOICE & Building Your Brand through STORYTELLING Craft an authentic, relatable, and memorable brand story. Learn how to integrate this story across various platforms in a seamless and engaging way. Day 2 — Maximizing your ONLINE PRESENCE & Mastering Media EXPOSURE Leverage Google indexing to ensure your brand shines with the “wow” factor—at the top of the search bar. Learn the art of pitching your story to the press. Day 3 —Amplifying VISIBILITY & IMPACT through Publishing Opportunities Expand the reach of your brand through publishing opportunities. Learn the process of being featured in best-selling books. 2024 is your year to command a sphere of influence.❤️‍🔥
You're Invited! Free 3 Day Challenge 🥳
You’re invited to the upcoming free event The Art of Being Visible, hosted by @Rhonda Swan and Jules Schroeder with guest speakers @Barbie Layton, @Kortney Murray and @Marjet van Wijk. 2024 is your year to breakthrough to your next level of success, and it starts with VISIBILITY. Whether you want to scale your business, write a book, speak on stages, launch a podcast, or start a YouTube channel, you are ready to do.the.thing. If you are calling in a breakthrough in visibility for your message, story, and brand, this opportunity is for you. February 14-16th, you’ll be guided by branding, marketing, and PR experts to activate your voice, wealth, and impact and go from best-kept secret to world-renowned brand. ❤️‍🔥 REGISTER HERE ❤️‍🔥
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