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I’m a published author!!
The book I’m co-authoring with Blair Kaplan-Venables launched yesterday and is already ahead of Dr. Phil’s book!! 🤗 As a former Language Arts teacher, I’ve long dreamed of becoming a published author and yesterday that dream came true!! 🥹 - PLUS - The book, “Resilience A.F: Stories of Resilience” will be shared on March 7th at Ignite a fire gifting lounge at THE OSCARS 2024! 😲 The Global Resilience Project members will hand out copies of this book to Oscar nominees, previous nominees and winners, 2023 and past presenters, high-profile celebrity guests, media personnel, and other unique sponsors. What a gift this book will be for people all across the globe! Reading others’ stories of resilience helps strengthen your resilience muscle. 💪🏻 Grab a copy for yourself and others on Amazon today! Amazon USA: Amazon Canada: I’m so thankful to Blair Kaplan Venables, Alana Sara, and their team for creating this opportunity and for inspiring people like me to share our stories. My desire is that our stories will instill hope and help others understand the power of sharing your story; not only for impact but as a part of healing for yourself, as well. Much love!! 💟
It’s TEDx Time!!
It’s FINALLY happening!! 🤗 Meet my amazing #TEDx Coach, Tucker Stine! 🥳 A mutual friend introduced me to Tucker about 6 months ago and I knew he was something special. He has such a kind heart and truly cares about people, in addition to just being a good human. ☺️ He has been extremely patient and supportive as I’ve worked and navigated my way through this extensive process. It included many tears and disappointments that recently turned into literal dances and audible cries of “Thank You!” He kept telling me it would work out when it’s time. Well, Tucker … it’s time!! 🙌🏻 Keep an eye out for more info to come! I’m so excited to share this journey with you! 🥹 Thank you so much for making this possible: Shawna Foshee Susan Shell Pruitt Cynthia Dean Charboneau The Cross Family Foundation USAO Foundation Rob Miles JP Audas Jennifer Hughes Dooley
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I finally did it!!
I’m SO excited to share my new podcast with you called Polish the Mirror! 🤗 It will be streaming live on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch then uploaded to all the podcast platforms on Thursdays. This episode features my story. My mission in creating this podcast is to offer a safe space for others to share their stories of finding hope through adversity in order to help others as I have. So, as the host, sharing my story first seemed fitting. ☺️ If you or someone you know has polished life’s mirror and found hope in the midst of adversity, please email me at to apply (I only have a few openings left so I’ll be building a waiting list soon). It’s available on Spotify and all other platforms except Apple (I’m still waiting for them to approve it). 😃 I’d love for you to give it a listen or view, download it, subscribe, and if you feel it’s worth sharing and a 5-star review, that will help us reach more people with this message of hope and resilience. Thank you for taking the time and effort to support this important mission. I appreciate your support more than you know! 🥹 Listen on Spotify here:
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New Episodes on "New Earth Vibration & Soul Alignment" Channel
On the YouTube Channel "New Earth Vibration & Soul Alignment" are two new episodes: Tina Maria Werner with "Your Soul Plan - Why are you here"? and Amy Thurman with "Polish the Mirror" Appriciate watching and sharing. Thank you all!
New YouTube Channel Launch at 1 p.m. CET
Today at 1:00 p.m. CET, a new YouTube channel, "NEW EARTH VIBRATION & SOUL ALIGNMENT," was launched to the public, featuring a special astrological constellation in the medium Coeli in Scorpio. This configuration combines the heart's desire, energy development, and the mind. Here is the link to the channel: The ascendant of this new channel is currently aligning with Pluto, indicating a connection with the collective unconscious. Isn't that wonderful?! I believe there couldn't have been a better time for this launch, and I extend my gratitude to Martin, my husband, for performing this astrological calculation. I am truly excited about what the future holds and am looking forward to engaging with many more inspiring individuals on this platform. You will find already: @Rhonda Swan @Cindy&Josef and @Karen Wilson as well as three other ladies from Germany. Coming soon: @Barbie Layton @Lisa Stafford @Andrea Bell I encourage you to share this channel, watch the content, and subscribe. Together, we all have the opportunity to contribute to increasing the vibration on earth. To the channel: With gratitude, joy, and love, Beate
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