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In order to get acquainted and and help fellow community members, please share: 1. The name and location of your shop. 2. Your biggest frustration with finding techs. 3. How you found your last tech.



Barry Lindblom
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    Meyers Automotive Service in Sturgis, MI. Biggest frustration is finding quality techs that don't have a bad attitude. If they commit their skills to the customer and their own reputation, the money will take care of itself. My latest tech came from construction with a good attitude, we put him through the NAPA Apprentice Program. He's been with us 3 years now.

I just had a good question from a shop owner who wants to offer a sign-on bonus for new techs so he can compete with the local dealers. Of course his other techs are going to see the bonus advertised. His idea is to offer a group bonus that is equivalent to the sign-on bonus payable if they help the new tech make it 90 days. Anyone have any other ideas on what's worked in your shop?



Barry Lindblom
Chris Lawson
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    Cash bonus, every month that we beat that month from the previous year, usually $100 each. Christmas bonus, 1st week of December, of $.50/billed hr, from the previous 12 months. (2000 billed hrs x .50 = $1000) just right for Christmas shopping.

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