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Interested in Starting An AI Chatbot Agency?
I've been busy creating everything needed to get started in an exciting new business, running your own AI Chatbot Agency. My upcoming package will include this and more: 👉 Sales Funnel on your own domain with CRM, automated email marketing and calendar system to book calls with clients 👉 Payments and Subscription billing system (You choose prices) 👉 Niche landing pages for Lawyers, Educational Institutions, Real Estate Agents etc 👉 How to generate leads 👉 How to sell the chatbots 👉 Private community 🤩 White Label FastBots account If anyone here is interested, drop a comment below and make sure you join the list to be kept up to date: Cheers Jason
Christian Kloewer
Jason West
Nick McDonald
John Hutchison
Martha Acevedo
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Heads Up: DALL-E 3 Now in ChatGPT Plus
Just had a quick play with DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT, looks like a fun addition. I'll be doing a full video on this tomorrow to see how we can get the most from it. PS: Logo design just got a whole lot easier 🤩
Lauren deVane
Ram Hadji
Nasser Jones
Julie Helmer
Eileen Lacerte
New comment Oct 15
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@Jason West I can'T find it. Is it maybe because I am in Europe?
Fast Way to Make Content From Your Own Data ⚡️
Imagine having a chatbot that knows your business inside and out and can help you craft quality content in no time. 🤖✍️ 🎥 Check it out here: Build a Content Creation Chatbot Trained on Your Data In this video, you'll learn: - How to train a chatbot on your website or specific data 📚 - How to tune your AI for better content creation 🎛️ - How to save hours on making social media posts, emails, tweets, and more ⏳ Cheers Jason 🥂
Aurora Guzbeth
John Santos
Lauren deVane
Graham Waite
Saleh Djime
New comment Oct 12
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Good day
Hi everyone I will like to learn everything about chatGPT
John Santos
Aurora Guzbeth
Steven Suchar
Julie Helmer
New comment Oct 6
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"Everything" is quite difficult to get... ChatGPT is evolving daily. Here is a great place to start though.
Create Videos Using Prompts With AI Video Generation Software
Ever wondered how AI can help you create YouTube videos? Well, I've got you covered. 🎥 In this video, I dive deep into an AI video generator that's a game-changer for content creators. Whether you're looking to make explainer videos, top 10 lists, or even custom scripts, this tool has got it all. 🛠️ 👉 Watch the video here Why should you watch it? - Learn how to create videos using AI voice and stock footage 🗣️🎞️ - Discover customisation and editing options that will blow your mind 🤯 - Get insights into how you can save time and still produce high-quality content ⏰✨ Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe if you find the video helpful. Your support is gratefully received🙏 Catch you in the comments section! 💬 Cheers Jason
Julie Helmer
Eivind Alvin
Martha Acevedo
Marc David
Steven Suchar
New comment Oct 4
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I finally made my first video with this tool. I am very impressed! (the script is mostly written by me). Enjoy:
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@Julie Helmer oh, thank you for telling me. I changed the link, tell me if it works.
This Could Be ChatGPTs Best Feature Yet 🎨👨‍🎨
ChatGPT is getting an upgrade, and it's not just any upgrade—it's a DALL-E 3 AI Image Generation upgrade! 🎨 Starting this October, if you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you'll be able to create mind-blowing images just by typing out what you want. Imagine the possibilities! 🚀 I've made a video to give you all the juicy details. You've got to see this to believe it... 👉 Watch the full video here Let's get the conversation going. What are you most excited to create with this new feature? Drop your thoughts below! 👇 Jason
Martha Acevedo
Robert Clay
Carrie Sullivan
Dave Zegers
John P
New comment Oct 2
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wow, my friend is a children's book illustrator and she is creating beautiful children books. She wrote her last book in 3 months and publishing it takes another 3 months. This AI could be a huge game changer for her. But I am not sure how she will take it if I send this to her. ...
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