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I love learning from the best copywriters in the world and someone who has always stood out to me is David Abbott! His regarded as the greatest copywriter of his generation and and his tips have helped many businesses create effective advertisements. Here's how you can instil his wisdom in your work! 1. Personalize your work: Let your experiences, interests, and emotions guide your vision. This will help you create content that resonates with your target audience. If something interests you, moves you, annoys you - it's pretty much a guarantee that it will do the same to others. 2. Visualize first: Use visuals to tell your story and let your copy enhance the creative, not carry it. If I was to ask you how to describe a circle, you wouldn't explain it with your words, you would describe it with actions. 3. Facts will always persuade people, start pushing yourself to write a list of your facts and then for each point find a way you can highlight this without listing it. 4. Confessing your sins will save your soul. Admit to real and relatable issues that draw your audience in and help them connect with your brand. 5. STOP BEING BORING! I know this sounds like an obvious but when your assessing your content you have to be ruthless and eliminate anything that is dull or unengaging! Think about it as if you have no emotional attachment to your brand, extra points if you can act like you hate it haha! Your rose coloured glasses aren't helping you out! By following these tips, you can create advertisements that are effective, engaging, and impactful. Let me know if you need any help or have any questions below!
🚨TikTok Viral Audio Alert🚨
This TikTok trending audio ( is originally a clip from the 2006 American comedy-drama film The Devil Wears Prada. The audio gained popularity after the creator Victor Ramos ( posted a video reenacting this scene from the movie. The original audio has been used in 29.6K videos so far. We used this trend for our client essano™. The video already has 66.4K+ views. You can watch it here:
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With almost 50k views for our clients in just 4 days - guys don't sleep on this!!
Native Ads Machine [course] - Is it worth it?!?
There's so many free resources out there and even in this very group! So, why buy the Native Ads Machine? The Native Ads Machine (NAM) course literally taught me more about social media marketing than my $40,000 degree ever could! In fact, it's one of the best resources Noah gave to me when I first started with CC! This is the greatest investment I made to succeed, not just in my role to provide excellent results for clients, but for my own businesses' social marketing! I honestly couldn't believe the wealth of knowledge and guidance in just this one course. Noah is so passionate about what he does and truly takes the time to break down the process from start to finish. Talking to your business strategy, breaking down ideation and curation of angles based on your consumer and market research, how to successfully brief and edit for all styles of content, as well as teaching you how to find and use creators effectively! One of the things I appreciate most about the course is how specific and actionable the information truly is. I was able to immediately put into practice the strategies and techniques I learned in the course and see incredible results INSTANTLY! My engagement increased and so did my conversions! NAM truly helps you understand your business and how to best market it to the right people, so you're not wasting your time and resources lost in the dark! If you want to build that successful business that you've always dreamed about! I cannot recommend Native Ads Machine enough! C'mon, see the results for yourself!
But I want to feature my benefits!
I get it! You have all these features and benefits for your product and you want to scream them from the rooftops! The issue - it's wayyyyy too obnoxious! So NO ONE listens! Let's take a hair oil for example It's features and benefits - - enhances the look and feel of your hair for softer tresses - penetrates strands deeply with healing technology, enhancing shine and moisture. - luxurious dry oil texture - calms frizz and hydrates So what's a better way? - natively speaking about them - changing the language to be more conversational [let's use this hair oil, she's needing some love, we want her shiny!] - fun, casual text pop-ups - keep them short and low-key - use humour and relatability - ask the question, make the joke, keep it fun and light! [imagine the line 'have you ever had that moment where you use a hair oil so your hair is luscious and shiny but instead it's oily, and looks like trash? HA same!' (I know scary to mention bad things but trust me - it makes it more real!) 'BUT I found the holy-grail hair oil and she's here to stay baby!'] - storytelling - take your audience on a journey, key in relatable topics and understand when to showcase other elements which help to strengthen your storytelling - testimonial/reviews - there's still a place for a great honest review - the strength in testimonials is their raw, honest nature - we don't want scripts, we don't want website recited lines, we want real! - inferring the features and benefits through your actions/visuals - if you're wanting to showcase that it can fix your frizz and hydrate your hair - instead of saying it, show it! [This could be a morning routine, waking up with insanely crazy hair, brushing it and it still looks insane, she's visually frustrated! As she uses your hair oil, her frizz is tamed, she's visually relieved and happier, her hair is shining and hydrated, it looks thick and luscious! Suddenly she visually cannot get over her hair, she's shocked, she's showcasing her hair, she's IN LOVE!]
Colloquial language is a way of speaking that is casual and informal. It is the kind of language you might use when you're talking to your friends or family. It might have slang words, figurative language, and different grammar than you would use in a more formal setting. It is often used in spoken conversations and in writing to make it feel more natural and like a real conversation. But why use colloquial language on TikTok, or any other social media platform? Using colloquial language, can help connect with your audience and make your content more relatable and authentic. The nature of colloquial language makes you seem more approachable and down-to-earth, which can be especially important on platforms where people are sharing their thoughts and experiences. Additionally, colloquial language can make you stand out from other content by giving your videos a unique and authentic voice. However, it's important to keep in mind that colloquial language may not be appropriate in all situations. It's always a good idea to consider your audience and the context in which you're using it. To use colloquial language effectively on TikTok, consider using popular TikTok trends and terms that your target audience will be familiar with. You can also try using humour and pop culture references to make your content more engaging and memorable. Just be sure to be authentic and genuine in your use of colloquial language, as trying to imitate the language of others can come across as inauthentic. Some examples of popular TikTok colloquial language include terms such as girlies, mood, savage, lit, hot girl walk, gate keep, gym rats, fit fam, and glow up. Still don’t believe me? Brands such as Chipotle, Nike, McDonald’s and Qantas have all found great success promoting their brands on Tiktok by connecting with younger consumers and creating humorous, catchy and trending videos that utilise colloquial language and pop culture references. Another prime example is how Wendy’s utilised their twitter account to promote it brand and gain viral traction due to their sassy humour that everyday consumers related with.
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