Colloquial language is a way of speaking that is casual and informal. It is the kind of language you might use when you're talking to your friends or family. It might have slang words, figurative language, and different grammar than you would use in a more formal setting. It is often used in spoken conversations and in writing to make it feel more natural and like a real conversation.
But why use colloquial language on TikTok, or any other social media platform? Using colloquial language, can help connect with your audience and make your content more relatable and authentic. The nature of colloquial language makes you seem more approachable and down-to-earth, which can be especially important on platforms where people are sharing their thoughts and experiences.
Additionally, colloquial language can make you stand out from other content by giving your videos a unique and authentic voice. However, it's important to keep in mind that colloquial language may not be appropriate in all situations. It's always a good idea to consider your audience and the context in which you're using it.
To use colloquial language effectively on TikTok, consider using popular TikTok trends and terms that your target audience will be familiar with. You can also try using humour and pop culture references to make your content more engaging and memorable. Just be sure to be authentic and genuine in your use of colloquial language, as trying to imitate the language of others can come across as inauthentic.
Some examples of popular TikTok colloquial language include terms such as girlies, mood, savage, lit, hot girl walk, gate keep, gym rats, fit fam, and glow up.
Still don’t believe me?
Brands such as Chipotle, Nike, McDonald’s and Qantas have all found great success promoting their brands on Tiktok by connecting with younger consumers and creating humorous, catchy and trending videos that utilise colloquial language and pop culture references.
Another prime example is how Wendy’s utilised their twitter account to promote it brand and gain viral traction due to their sassy humour that everyday consumers related with.
The reason colloquial language works is that consumers no longer want to feel disconnected from brands. They want to buy into companies they relate to. The reason companies succeed is because they create a community and now thanks to Tiktok especially, it’s easier than ever to have a 2 way conversation between consumers and brands!
THAT is what you need to utilise! It’s time to get relatable!
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And if you would like any more tips on how to use colloquial language, let me know and I can go into further detail!
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