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Hi, is it possible to use zapier/webhook to add content to a classroom automatically? Or to make a post in the community under a 'replay' category? Essentially I want to automate adding replay recordings. A bigger ask would be a "Recordings" tab in the navigation next to 'Classroom' with a dedicated listing of all past Zoom replays with the call date and even a transcript that would make the video replay searchable via text. It seems video replays are a common use case for a lot of groups, and having a dedicated organization and management system for them is the only thing I see missing in this platform. I know you can kind of do it as a regular post or in a classroom, but for a program that would have hundreds of replays, it doesn't offer a first-class library / youtube experience. It could be integrated in the feed like the calendar and feature the last replay front and center, and past dates on the calendar would automatically link to that replay instead of the zoom link with that native data connection. Very elegant. I am happy to brainstorm / talk further with more ideas if you'd like.



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