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What's your decision making process?
Super curious. I have a few big decisions to make in the business and I've always felt like I make fast decision and assess things well....but for some reason am struggling to make these decisions. Would love to know how you make decision and if you have a simple way of doing it? Might help me to move forward to hear from a few people :) thanks in advance
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@Kerttu Pentikäinen LOL this makes me wish there was a "heart" reaction instead of just like. And YESSS You're a human BEing not a human DOing. (That one can be so cheesy but its just so true!) I'm writing the "How long will it matter" on a post it and keeping it next to my computer as a reminder ❤️❤️❤️ Anticipating it'll help me keep a lightness about stuff. My tendency with online business for whatever reason is to go through phases of like light & fun and then get super serious about it. Like why! There's no need 😆
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I've also found great value in using my Human Design authority to make decisions. Like others on that journey, there's no perfection about it as life is just one big experiment. We're all figuring this out as we go. 😜 TLDR: For me, I've loved that Human Design is about getting out of my head and into my body. This has made navigating life more challenging in some ways, but also a more depth to my entire experience, which I've found really cool. FOR ME: HEART/EGO AUTHORITY ➡️ which basically means "what do you desire?" The thing to know though, is its a deep down desire and not just surface level. So this also factors in the impact I'm here to make on the world, how I can add value to others.. because deep down.. that is what I want. There's like a short and long term undertone to it. Sometimes though, there's something I want and it might actually rock other peoples worlds but that's how it creates impact. Anyways! A few others and how it can also look. Most of the population has emotional or sacral authority. Even if you don't follow Human Design closely, these can be some fun things to try and experiment with. Find its great to start with small / not big decisions, and flex the muscle towards "bigger" feeling decisions. EMOTIONAL AUTHORITY ➡️ "Be emotionally neutral" First. Emotions are BEAUTIFUL, a tool, and a core to being a human. So many beautiful wonderful lessons and power that come from our emotions. There are a few different flavors of emotional authorities, but it comes down to there being a pattern of emotions that comes and goes. For some, its on and off. For others its a slow build of intensity, and a big release (like riding to the top of a rollercoaster, then down the hill). There's a few others too.. but its all about the pattern. The big thing for emotional authorities is being emotionally neutral. This could also mean do the work of processing and FEELING the feels to get to a place of neutrality to then see what that voice is telling you to do.
Being active in a community to be rewarded?
Now that I am in 5 different Skool communities, I am already overwhelmed with "having" to interact and post just in order to get access to the locked videos/courses. If this is just the beginning of Skool, soon there will be tons of communities for everything, like on Facebook. How is this going to work out for users? My opinion: I would rather pay a fee to get direct access to courses and videos than spend time. For a hobby topic it might be different. I might indulge in comments and interaction, but for business ? Would be interested about your opinions/experiences on this.
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@Abby Johnson Love this suggestion
Creating my first course
Hi, I am at the start of building my first course, can anyone please give advice on how best to plan this out and is there a framework I can use?
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Hi @Steve Mills here's a couple great (free) videos from Mariah that might help you out. ALSO, here's a just under 2 hour masterclass around Course Business Foundations, right here in this community: - I have not yet watched this (time!) but knowing all Mariah pours out, I'm sure its worth it!
🎧 NEW PODCAST: Why we moved to Skool + big announcements!
It's LIVE - the podcast you've all been waiting for 😁 Go find it on your favorite podcast app under "The Mariah Coz Show" or check it out on the blog In this episode: - Why I chose Skool after testing tons of other community + course platforms over the last few years - How I experienced Skool as a user and student in someone else’s program first, and got totally hooked on the community gamification system - Levels, points, leaderboards and unlocking premium content - how Skool incentivizes your community to support each other in a way that actually works - What caught my attention about Skool and how their team ships updates that actually support their users (that I asked for!) - How we can go from a “one way” broadcast channel with the podcast to real dialogue and conversations and go deeper on each episode together - How the design of Skool has sparked a lot of creative new ideas about audience growth, sales, marketing, and new strategies for everything! - Some of the features that made Skool stand out from other community + course platforms Listen now and let's have a conversation in the comments of this post! ➡️ What questions do you have after listening to the episode? ➡️ What would YOU like to see more of in this community? ➡️ Any takeaways or a-ha moments to share? So excited for all that's to come. Let's goooo!
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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Why we moved to Skool + big announcements!
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The gamification is just so fascinating to me. Textbook lurker here and probably not even a few days into being a member here and already all over things? Just wild. It really reminds me of more when FB was in its early community days and it was fun. And I WANTED to add value to others. Just fascinating! And thank you Mariah for leading the way!
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@Kimmy Garcia appreciate your perspective! And totally laughed/agreed with the little "with Mariah's mouthwatering incentives, who could pass it up?" 🤣
Your fav platforms for courses & community?
Curious on what your experience has been on other platforms, and which ones you're most sticky on! - What have you seen done that you thought was super unique and different? (These are my favs!) - What did you like? What did you absolute despise? SKOOL - Fresh user as a "student" / "community participant" over here! This is my first time using Skool, and I have to say I'm very intrigued. However, I like the idea of being able to keep conversation focused around specific topics and only the people that are "within" that thing have access to that part of the conversation. Having dedicated discussions and reflecting on specific prompts as part of whatever that part of a paid thing is. Maybe I'm over thinking the need / value here? I don't love the idea of paying for two different communities vs having flexibility. Me, a total textbook lurker, also engaging and posting over here. What, the, what. CIRCLE - Part of one program on Circle. It's easy to use and all the things, but absolutely have my normal lurking tendencies. I love the features, concepts & that can keep access to certain areas. TEACHABLE - Discussion basically non-existant on these, or providers have them over on Facebook. I've found too many things confusing with authentication, etc.. which is really probably more of a me thing. THINKIFIC - Do really love thinkific as a course platform. Don't like their communities feature at all. I don't know if its just how the couple of programs I've been in that have had them within thinkific set them up. As a user I've found them really confusing. TELEGRAM - Part of a membership on this platform. Really like it! I do find that I lurk, but have fun watching other people interact. I do jump in on occasion. Feels more text-messagy. The featureset allows for groups of conversations (don't believe Voxer has this) which makes topics easier to navigate. The host does audio drops, and also has those accessible on a podcast feed for streamlined consumption.
Your fav platforms for courses & community?
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