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Failed to upload image
I'm trying to upload this image as cover image for my community but getting his error "Failed to upload image" How do I fix it?
New comment Apr 11
1 like • Dec '23
@Samar Shaikh - were you able to resolve this? I just tried this in a test group and it uploaded and saved as expected. Let me know!
1 like • Apr 11
@Roland Dutzler I will DM you to get some more info as this is currently working for me.
Tiny Bug - Unexpected Bullet Point Bug & Workaround - iOS
Hey, I found a bug with the bullet point feature that makes it tricky to end bullets and return to normal text. It's a bit complex, but essentially: - Adding bullets works fine, but removing the last one keeps me indented. - Repeated delete attempts either add the bullet back or do nothing to fix the indentation. - No toolbar options helped, and manual workarounds were overly complex. - I eventually found a workaround, though it's not very intuitive.The video demonstrates the issue and my unexpected solution. - Also having a similar experience right here making this post. Just some small user experience fixes. 🤙
New comment Apr 4
2 likes • Apr 3
Hey @Devon Meadows - thanks for sharing this info + the loom! I just sanity checked this myself and the way to end bullets/numbered lists etc. is to hit "return" twice - first one adds a new bulleted line, second one clears the formatting and removes the indent. Maybe not super intuitive but I do see this behavior in many other rich text editors (on mobile too).
1 like • Apr 4
@Devon Meadows got it! Will keep an eye on weird behavior, thanks again!
How I'm dealing with scammy dm's from inside our community
Currently my community doesn't have the ability to prevent DM's if you're below a certain level (I am VERY excited about this feature! Hope it comes soon). So I posted the attached announcement in my community, my goal is to start a "wall of shame" where people will publicly post screenshots of people who think that they can join our community just to sell their own product in DM's. I can't say I came up with this idea myself, I think I saw another community do something similar and I think it's a GREAT idea! I'll update you guys with my progress but first I have two questions: 1) How do you deal with this problem in your own communities? 2) What do you think of the "wall of shame" idea?
New comment Mar 12
1 like • Mar 12
Hey @Tyler Sherwin - head over to the plugins tab in your group settings and switch this on if you like!
1 like • Mar 12
@Tyler Sherwin sure is! Definitely should cut down on the spam and save you some headache.
New to Skool. Who dis?
New comment 2d ago
15 likes • Jan 11
Welcome @Alex Hormozi! Best first name on the best platform. 😏
Can I Own The Skool Asset For My Clients?
Can I purchase Skool and install clients into it for them to utilize? I'd set it up and manage some aspects of course. Or must they be the owners of the account?
New comment Jan 2
3 likes • Dec '23
@Arthur Koster to clarify - do you want to manage multiple separate group subscriptions that you set up for clients but then they run the group? You essentially would just be signing up and adding some of the initial content? The issue you might have is if your account creates these groups, then you would be the associated admin/creator which would give you attribution for any referral groups. If you are helping others set up their own Skool groups, my recommendation would be to have them create groups from their own accounts (and payment methods) then make you group admin (even if temporarily) to set things up internally and add/edit some of the content.
1 like • Jan 2
@Arthur Koster yep that should be no problem.
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