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Hi! Welcome to the Content Academy. This community helps entrepreneurs in the content era get the tools and resources needed to generate sales and make an impact on the world. Step 1: Introduce yourself below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? What are you working on? What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Discover How to Unlock all the Classroom Resources ------------- Best practices in this community: • Level up by posting insights and thoughtful comments. • Help others level up by liking 👍 good posts and comments. • Be kind • If you need help, just ask the community 💪


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    @Gareth Fenley

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    @Erin Pope Glad to be here! Excited to unlock new courses!

Am I the only one who feels like there's lack of authenticity in content/marketing when you KNOW its automated. For example, when I receive an email blast and I KNOW it's not authentic or personalized to me i don't even open it. Anyone have any advice/tips on how to be more efficient using automation but not lack authenticity.



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    @Bronson Wilson Very true! There are some outliers out there. Ali Abdaal, has a great weekly newsletter that goes out every Sunday. I'm always looking forward to reading it. I feel like it being weekly helps him pack as much helpful info into it without getting repetitive. It's not really automated but still good. 🙃

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    @Paul Cowen there are definitely tools out there for tailored email funnels. I'd like something similar for social media content/ads. 🙏

Hey Everyone! I'd love your feedback on headlines for the Kontent Engine Database. Which one do you like? If you have your own idea, drop it in the comments! would love to hear. Thanks for your help! 🙏


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    I'd clean up the last option: Automate 99% Of Your Content Workflow and 10x Your Impact

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