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Where can I find the Funnel Portfolio template?
Hey guys, was wondering where i could find the Funnel Portfolio template in the Funnel Presentations + Portfolio section of the course??
New comment Mar 7
1 like • Mar 7
i guess its meant to be only for paid community
Want to see massive success in your career? 🏆
You only need to do two things 1. Create for 30 minutes every day 🤩 Rule of thought should be: Create more than you consume Create content about your industry. Create about yourself Create case studies for your portfolio. Write down tactics and tips you’ve learned. Share your personal story, your successes and downfalls. When you’re ready, start sharing publicly. Post on LinkedIn, Facebook or your personal Blog 2. Cold Outreach new person everyday 🤑 This helps with personal and business growth Think about your biggest goals so far !! Find people who are already living that reality. Or reach out to one of your ideal clients every single business day. Most won’t reply, but some will. And you only need a few great relationships to see massive gains. Proactivity is the basis for success. When you make these a part of your daily routine, You’ll never have to seek out opportunities again. They’ll come to you instead.
New comment Mar 6
0 likes • Mar 5
@Giorgio Grometto sure mate. you can inbox me or connect with me on fb and we can talk about it 😄
0 likes • Mar 5
my pleasure @Dierdra O'Rourke 😊 i am sure the post will help you more balanced towards creating and outreaching
$700,000 in 90 days using Russell's Funnel framework into Shopify 🤑🤩
The strategic funnel framework combined with design psychology and fused in Shopify store helped us brought our client over $700,000 🤑🤑 I am such a fan of particularly this funnel framework (i posted about this framework already) which somehow uses a full funnel marketing strategy. I know, designing funnels with funnel platforms are way easier with lots of different options in-hand but sometimes we're restricted to a platform and most of the times clients don't want to move to another platform for obvious reasons. If this is the case with you, you can use your creative sense and take a solid funnel framework and use it on a different platform. Obviously it will be bit of a hustle but outcomes are stunning 🤩 Here is the simplest visualization ⬇ ✅ 1st Stage- Emotional Headline or Hook: I can give you word on this, people buy based on emotions and justify it based on logics. The top section of your page should always have emotions in it ✅ 2- Logic + Social Proof: Justify with proof that your product works and whoever used it is happy with results. ✅ 3- Fear or FOMO: Now since they are at bottom of funnel, help them make decision faster with urgency & FOMO. They're SOLD Idea on fundamental level is same, of course you can use this idea and change the framework, mold it into something else or bring a completely different framework based on your understanding & experience. You can also use different upsells to increase order value. 😄
New comment Mar 4
$700,000 in 90 days using Russell's Funnel framework into Shopify 🤑🤩
0 likes • Feb 29
@Brian Putman thanks mate. yeah its truly effective.
0 likes • Feb 29
Thank you @Avii Villarina 🤩
The "Million Dollar Grandmaster" Business
Hey fam, I've been kinda "offline" the last week. Been moving to a new office, but I'm back now. I just filmed a new video breaking down the best business to start in 2024 and WHY. Not just "funnel building" but the AI-BULLETPROOF business model nobody is talking about. There's a few stages you go through when building a million dollar business. Some just wanna get to $10k/m and that's great. Some wants to make $10M and retire their entire family for good. I talk about both in this video. Much love, G -- (How you been btw, let me know what you're working on right now in the comments below) I missed you! 👊🏼
New comment Mar 5
The "Million Dollar Grandmaster" Business
2 likes • Feb 28
Just completed the video mate. Loved it 🙌 also welcome back @Gusten Sun 😅
What funnels platforms are you using ?
Hello funnels mates 🤩 What funnel platforms do you mostly use? and how many of them you tried before? which one stood the best for you? I am stuck with GHL for now, never tried CF before but would love to know your experience !!
New comment Mar 7
1 like • Feb 28
@Vanessa Choi thats great. Thats what i wanted to know. the experience of trying different platforms and sticking with one and the sole reason behind it...
0 likes • Feb 28
@Millie Marie did you go with different platforms and stuck with GHL or just started with GHL and stuck with it?
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