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15 contributions to Facilitator Club
📈 Trends in Facilitation
Hello all, for the first online meeting of the Zurich Facilitator Meetup Group, I am looking for a topic for a 10-minute impulse talk at the beginning of the session. In doing so, I thought of picking up on a facilitation trend. What facilitation trends are you watching right now? And maybe you are also interested in giving a 10-minute impulse talk about one of these topics ;) If so, feel free to let me know.
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@Sylvia Winkelmann-Ackermann thank you for your interest and asking 😊 Please have a look here: There will be a live meeting in November. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!
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@Jakub Michalski thank you for your input. I thought about bringing up the AI Design Sprint ...Do you have any experience with it?
How to win customers
Dear Community. How do you aqcuire new customers and with which argument to engage you as a facilitator? Which is your "sales" channel - Social Media, Personal contact - a mix of both of the two?
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This might be helpful: 👋
Hey hey! I'm Kristen from Perth, Australia ✈️🔥👋
I need a favor... I was hoping you could give me some help or insight. So I joined this group as I'm looking at creating a course and becoming a facilitator. A little about me... I'm Kristen I work with business owners to build websites that Attracts, Inspires, Captivates and Converts! I'm also a Mother, Entrepreneur, and Hustler living an amazing life. I have been so fortunate to grow my business purely through the good-will of others recommending me but in the website game, there is only so many websites I can build per month. Has anyone gone from the agency space to the facilitator space? What was that like? If not, tell me about you and your business?
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Hey @Kristen Blowfield, welcome! There is a WhatsApp group for mothers who facilitate or planning to do so. Have a look at this post: If you want to join you can contact Rachel Magasweran 👋
Hello folks, I have not yet taken any of the AJ&Smart workshoos and plan to before the end of the year so that I can bring the skills to my organization. Loving the community building around it! I am a white woman, she/her, and work in the non-profit sector.
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Welcome @Brianne Fitzgerald
Fresh graduate looking for career start
Hello everyone! I am delighted to be introduced to AJ&Smart by the innovation coach at my summer internship company and join this community. I am a fresh graduate with a strong passion in design thinking and entrepreneurship. I am currently living in Zurich, Switzerland and will obtain my master's diploma in business management & interaction design next month. Beforehand, I have lived around the world since young age (China, USA, Germany). After my summer internship in Vienna, Austria, I am looking to start my full-time career and eventually become a Design Thinking coach. I would love to join the Workshopper Masters once I secure a job. I would appreciate any help and guidance for the crucial first step. I am mainly looking for entry-level opportunities in the following areas (but not limit to): - UX/CX research & design - Innovation management - Marketing - Startup roles (e.g. Founder's Associate) I am particularly drawn to opportunities the DACH region since I am business fluent in German, but also open to relocate a bit further. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile and share it to anyone looking for young talents. I look forward to connecting with you!
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Welcome to the group @Yuwei Liu I'm looking forward to our first in person meeting on October :)
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