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With this platform, am I able to add custom code? For example, if I wanted to add an external javascript file or css file for styling, would that be possible?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Adam Zalewski
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    I want to be able to add custom functionality as far as making selected sections of my videos to be able to loop. I was going to use custom JS to do so. https://developer.vimeo.com/player/sdk/basics

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe 👇

Hey guys I am considering moving my paid course and community over to school. I have close to 100 members and serve a demographic that often doesn't always have facebook and I want to make sure I have the best possible user experience for my students inside my program. I have a decent chunk of students that aren't in my facebook group and it's difficult to communicate with them and keep them engaged. I have a course for church drummers and one feature that I would absolutely love is if users could choose sections of videos that they could loop. Do you think this could be a possible feature that could be added? Also, do you guys have a pay for a full year option for a little bit of a discount?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Adam Zalewski
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    I was talking about having it able to loop sections of the video where the student could choose where the looping section would start and end. Not sure if that's possible, but it would be awesome.

I would really like to eventually get a school page for my own course. Especially now that the new Facebook sucks. Any ETA when we can use skool for our own businesses?



Nick Guadagnoli
Aljaž Plankl
Adam Harper
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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