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Local SEO Bootcamp Day 1 is happening in 23 hours
If you're a new member and DID NOT get instant access, read this...
If you have joined the $199 program and you don't have automatic access to the course please follow these steps: 1. Make sure you click the JOIN NOW button on the email invitation sent from the platform (crucial to get instant access) 2. Make sure you use the same email address used for purchasing 3. If you're still having issues, please email me at
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The Traffic Projection Tool
Build SEO forecasts in less than 1 minute. Get started here:
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If I buy access to the blueprint program on the website, I will automatically get into the Local SEO bootcamp on the 25-26 right? If so what’s the point of paying $199 for the bootcamp when I can just pay $199 for everything including the bootcamp? Thank you!
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Relevant Verticals
Is there a known list of verticals this Blueprint is "optimized" for? Lawyers, Accountants, Roofing Businesses etc...?
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Is the paid course for me?
I'm not an agency that's been dabbling with SEO for years whilst working pretty exclusively as the head of content for an Amazon agency. I've just left that job after 5 years as I've had enough of corporate life. This looks very focused and interesting I wonder if it's appropriate for a one man band (who is happy to expand as and when)?
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We help agencies, consultants, and freelancers (basically, anybody who sells SEO as a service, or would like to) to scale to $100k/month.
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