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Now that I am in 5 different Skool communities, I am already overwhelmed with "having" to interact and post just in order to get access to the locked videos/courses. If this is just the beginning of Skool, soon there will be tons of communities for everything, like on Facebook. How is this going to work out for users? My opinion: I would rather pay a fee to get direct access to courses and videos than spend time. For a hobby topic it might be different. I might indulge in comments and interaction, but for business ? Would be interested about your opinions/experiences on this.
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@Kerttu Pentikäinen exactly!
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@Julia Stein yes paid groups will always be different. Free groups are in essence just a funnel. But this is defo one of the better free groups, many just become a spam fest. Have you not joined Maria's paid group?
bye bye, old me 👋 hello new era!
On Feb 1st I got sick and was stuck at home, mostly in bed for over a week. That day, I started this document - see attached (I'll share the entire 20-page doc in an upcoming video walkthrough)... I started outlining a whole new... everything. Updated product suite + pricing, new courses, lead gen plan, website, automations and more. This spiraled into a separate plan for a brand new newsletter (another 22 page doc)... That spiraled into a brand new content system (and 200+ new high-value content ideas to share with you)... That spiraled into a new website (built on a different platform)... That also translated into revamped offers, new course ideas, and more. (All my planning docs and one sheets really help me tame the chaos in my brain - I'm excited to share them with you as resources soon too.) I feel like I am rebuilding my business from the inside out right now. I wonder if from the outside the new shift will feel as significant as it feels from where I'm sitting. Maybe you'll just see a new website and some new emails and be like "cool, same Mariah, different day". But something about the shift I'm in feels significant to me. More grown up. Closer to how I have wanted to show up for a long time but didn't have the confidence to. I'm in heavy creation mode this month. It's not easy putting together all the assets. ✅ New website ✅ New newsletter and audioletter ✅ New services I've never promoted before ✅ New content It's a lot, but it's all flowing creatively. I'm owning my expertise in a way I've wanted to for years but had so much mindset junk around. I'm not being shy about it anymore. What sparked this whole big project? There was a catalyst. There's always a catalyst 😂 Have you ever had a whole plan for exactly how your year is going to go and then something happens and you're like, "welp, none of this is going to go how I planned..." Yep. One of those. In a moment, I discovered 2024 was not going to play out how I had anticipated.
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bye bye, old me 👋 hello new era!
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Looks fab!
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